Laundry & Cleaning

Laundry & Cleaning

All of the College Accommodation is provided with a cleaning service through the deployment of Scouts (members of staff with responsibilty for cleaning the study bedrooms, kitchen areas and circulation spaces). In the kitchens, however, Scouts are not resposible for washing up your crockery, cutlery, pots and pans, etc. In term time the Scouts visit student rooms once a week for cleaning.

Laundry Facilities-washers and driers-are provded by an external company in the following locations:

  • Basement level of 64 Woodstock Road-accessible from the College side of the night gate for students who do not live in 64/66 Woodstock Road
  • The ground floor for the Ghassan Shaker building (behind the lodge). This is also suitable for disabled access.
  • 86 Woodstock Road
  • 3 Church Walk
  • 25/26 Winchester

You will need to download the Circut mobile app in order to pay for the use of washing machines.

If the machines or readers at the laundry facilities break down, please inform the Lodge who will contact the operating company to arrange for repair as soon as possible.