Guest Room

Guest Room

You may have a guest stay with you in your room for up to 3 consecutive nights at no additional charge with prior permission from the Accommodation office or Domestic Bursar.  Additional nights (if permitted) will be charged at £8.00 per night and this will be added to your College Battels Account.  All guests must register at the Lodge on arrival and show their passports if they are not normally resident in the UK, of which a photocopy will be taken. 

In the first instance please contact the Accommodation office to ask for permission to have a Guest Stay with you.  We follow this procedure so that the facilities in the house are not overloaded which would then have a negative effect on the rest of those residing in houses with shared bathroom and/or kitchen facilities.  We also ask Guests to complete a Registration card upon arrival so we are aware of whom we have staying on site, for how long they are staying with us and where for example, in the event of an emergency.

Should your Guests require their own room the College have 2 Guestrooms.  Student members may reserve a Guestroom (subject to availability) for friends or family members.  Please contact the Accommodation office to check for availability in the first instance.

Any Guestrooms reserved must be paid for in advance, this charge cannot be added to your College Battels Account and paid for at a later date. 

For more information on College Guestrooms please visit the College web-site here:

Below are examples of guest rooms in College, the rates are valid up to the 31st July 2023: 

  • £70 (for single en-suite room, room only)
  • £90 (for double en-suite room, room only)
  • £120 (for a 1 double bedroom, self catering flat with private bathroom, room only)