Access and opening hours

Access and opening hours

St Antony's College Library is primarily intended for current students, Fellows, and Academic Visitors of St Antony’s College only.

The Library is usually open to members 24/7. However, some areas may be closed (and staff will be unavailable) during the Christmas/New Year period and for a short part of the summer vacation.

Current students and Fellows of Nuffield College and graduate students from the Maison Française d’Oxford are encouraged make appointments by mail or telephone (+44 1865 274480) to use the College Library and/or borrow books.

Should the College Library hold an item that is not available in the University's libraries, non-members who wish to consult it are advised to contact the Librarian


The College Library seeks to provide the best access possible for all members. Readers with disabilities are very welcome to contact the Librarian to discuss their needs before they arrive at St Antony's or at any stage during their time in College.

Although the College Library is not currently wheelchair accessible, Library staff will seek to make suitable alternative arrangements for College members to be able to access the Library's collections. On request, the Library may be able to supply magnifiers, book rests, foot rests and other pieces of ergonomic equipment.