Book a visit

Book a visit

To ensure spaces can be shared fairly and safely, and details can be recorded for track and trace, it is now necessary for all who wish to use St Antony's College Library (incl. the Gulbenkian Reading Room) to book visits in advance. 

Members may book four-hour study sessions in the Library’s Main Reading Room or two-hour slots for browsing collections/selecting items for loan through the College Library Main Reading Room Bookings Page

The Gulbenkian Reading Room Bookings Page is available for members to reserve study space on the lower floor. 

Members may also book access to computers/printers through the Computer Room Bookings Page. Please note, computing facilities are not managed by the Library, but are overseen by the IT Team. Find more information about College IT services here:

Note, sessions will be released and can be booked up to 7 days in advance; new sessions will become available with time and when reservations are cancelled. If you encounter difficulties with the bookings pages, please reload (use “Ctrl + Shift + R” to refresh the local cache) and try again. If problems persist, please contact the Library Staff for help. 

Please note, you should only make bookings for the College Library/Computer Room if you are a current member of the College and have a valid University card; each member must use their own card to gain entry to rooms, and may be asked to present their card again once inside.

Important Information

  • A separate booking must be made for each individual.
  • Accurate contact details (the full name and email address of each individual) must be provided; do not book places for others under your own name
  • Readers must wear face coverings in the Library and the Computer Room (unless exempt under government guidelines).
  • Readers must observe social distancing rules by remaining 2 metres from others at all times.
  • Readers must cleanse their hands before entering (sanitizer is available from dispensers close to doors), and are advised to wipe tables and chair arms before and after use with the cleaning products provided.
  • Readers may arrive late (individuals will be admitted after the start of their reserved session), but should avoid arriving too early.  
  • Readers must leave before or promptly after their sessions end.
  • All individuals must vacate the Old Main Building before 5.00 and not enter before 7.00 to ensure housekeeping staff can clean without obstruction. 
  • Readers may make appointments up to seven days in advance and may book multiple sessions during the week. However, all are encouraged to be considerate of the needs of others and the limited capacity of both the Library and the Computer Room. Please do not book more visits than necessary, use electronic resources (e.g. e-books and Web Print) where they are available, and be sure to cancel your booking(s) if your circumstances/requirements change. 
  • Each member must use their own University card to access the Library and the Computer Room. Members may be asked to present their cards again when inside.