Total loans permitted Loan duration Maximum renewal period**
Current students, Fellows and Academic Visitors at St Antony's 20* See table below 504 days
Associate members (incl. support staff, current members of Nuffield College, the Maison Française d’Oxford) 3 7 days  14 days

*As a rule, current students and Fellows of the College may borrow up to 20 books from the College Library at any one time. However, readers are encouraged to speak to a member of the Library staff if they wish to take more; where there's a genuine need, readers may be given permission to exceed the limit.

**A reader may renew their loan (i.e. click on renew on their online account) without limit within the renewal period specified. However, return dates will not change outside the parameters of the loan duration (specified in the table below, or table above for associate members). For example, if a current student borrows a book during the first week of term it will be due for return during the eighth week of term, and though the student may seek to renew their loan every day, the return date will only change when the loan is renewed during or after the seventh week of the term. An associate member who borrows a book will find that by default, it will be due for return seven days later, however if renewed, the book may be kept for up to 14 days. Readers must return any books which have be requested by others; readers cannot renew their loans in these circumstances. 

Those who are not current members of St Antony's College, Nuffield College, or students of the Maison Française d’Oxford, will not usually be permitted to take items out of the Library, but will be allowed to consult materials on a reference basis in some circumstances. 

Loan duration for current students, Fellows and Academic Visitors

The majority of the College Library’s books may be borrowed by students, Fellows and Academic Visitors at St Antony's for generous loan periods when not required by other readers; members generally need to renew or return borrowed items during the first week and the eighth week of each term only.

Items taken out (or last renewed) during: ...are due for return / renewal on***:
4 Jun 2023 - 29 Sept 2023 10 Oct 2023 (Tues 1st wk, MT23)
30 Sep 2023 - 17 Nov 2023 30 Nov 2023 (Thurs 8th wk, MT23)
18 Nov 2023 - 6 Jan 2024 16 Jan 2024 (Tues 1st wk, HT24)

***Books may be recalled. Readers must not borrow books if they will not be able to return them on or before specified due dates. 

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