Libraries at St Antony's

Libraries at St Antony's

St Antony’s College has three libraries which collectively contain over 100,000 volumes reflecting major disciplinary interests of College members. The Bodleian Latin American Centre Library and the Bodleian Japanese Library also sit within College grounds.

While all St Antony’s libraries exist to serve the needs of members of the College, the centre libraries fulfil a wider role in providing facilities to all members of the University whose studies are within their orbit. The College Library primarily supports members of St Antony’s only, however external researchers often visit to view rare and unique materials.

St Antony’s College Library   E:

St Antony's Middle East Centre Library   E:

N.B. An extensive collection of archival material relating to the Middle East is kept at the Middle East Centre Archive.

St Antony's Russian and Eurasian Studies Centre Library   E:

Bodleian Japanese Library   E:

Bodleian Latin American Centre Library   E: