End of student membership

End of student membership

Towards the end of your course, the College Registry will invite you to complete an End of Student Membership form. If you do not receive an invitation, please contact the Senior Registry Administrator

Completing this form signals the end of your student membership and the start of your alumni relationship with the College, and invites you to choose whether to donate your deposit or to have it returned to you. If you would prefer to have your deposit refunded, we will aim to return it as soon as possible. During busy periods, however, this may take up to six weeks after we receive this form.

Your student membership ends either on the date upon which your University card expires (Masters students) or when you are granted leave to supplicate (DPhil students). Once your student membership ends, you will no longer be able to access the following College facilities:

  • Old Main Building
  • College Library and Gulbenkian Room
  • Computer Room
  • Printing/photocopying facilities

You will be able to continue to eat in the Dining Hall, but you will need to pay with a credit or debit card at the non-student rate.

You can receive mail/post into your named pigeonhole until mid-September (students whose courses finish at the end of September then use the A-Z pigeonholes). The College also offers a free of charge mail forwarding service for three months after you leave. Please complete the form in the Lodge when you leave with your forwarding address (UK or international) and any mail received by the College will be sent on to you.

Your College email address will stop working one month after your card expires (DPhil students, your card will be cancelled after you receive leave to supplicate if this is earlier than the card expiry date) with the ability to have your emails forwarded to another address for a further two months. Please refer to the University’s IT Services website for more information about what happens to your IT access when your card expires.

If you will be continuing to another course at St Antony’s College in the next academic year (e.g. progressing from a Master’s degree to a DPhil), you should not return the form but wait until you complete your final course.