Academic dress

Academic dress

Academic dress is required for matriculation, exams (if applicable) and graduation, and occasionally other formal University events. 

Academic dress suppliers What to wear for
matriculation and exams
What to wear for

Academic dress suppliers

Students can buy or hire any part of the academic dress, although they often buy a graduate gown, headwear and neckwear as these will be needed more than once. Gown suppliers often have special offers at the start of the academic year where gowns, headwear and neckwear are available at a reduced price.

The College does not recommend a particular supplier but the following are well-known in Oxford:

Shepherd and Woodward on the High Street

Walters of Oxford on Turl Street

Ede & Ravenscroft online

Matriculation and Exams

Our Matriculation page gives you more information about this ceremony that all graduate students must complete.

For matriculation and exams the following must be worn:

  1. Graduate gown 
  2. Headwear
  3. Sub-fusc (consisting of five elements) 

If you a serving member of HM Forces, you are permitted to wear your uniform instead of sub-fusc.


Details about graduation ceremonies and how to book can be found on our graduation webpage

In addition to the three parts to academic dress as described above, students must also bring to graduation ceremonies the hood (or gowns for DPhil/DLitt students) of the degree being conferred. 

The University of Oxford website has clear guidance on the required dress. Please refer to their information on the following:

Please note that from July 2019 onwards, graduands (with the exception of DPhil and DLitt) are no longer required to change gown during the ceremony. You will arrive at the ceremony in the gown appropriate to your new status and add the hood during the ceremony. DPhil and DLitt students will arrive at the ceremony in the gown and hood appropriate to their current status and change into the scarlet robe during the ceremony. Please see the document below for illustrations of the correct gowns and hoods for different degrees.

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