Dining Hall

Dining Hall

*****DINING TIMES*****

Important Update:

HAll Closure Dates: 


Wednesday 5th of October we will be serving staff and Fellow And existing student lunch from 12:00-12:30, From 12:30 only access for New students will be allowed in order to reduce queing. The Hall will be closed for welcome week Formal dinner also that day



COMMON HALL LUNCH - Main space Hall, Monday- Friday 12:30pm-2:00pm

Hall service concludes at 2:00pm


COMMON HALL DINNER: Main space hall, Monday -Friday 6:30-7:30pm 

Hall service concludes at 7:30pm


SATURDAY BRUNCH: Main space hall,  11am-1pm 

Hall service concludes at 1pm 


Info: As all Covid Restriction's have ended, the Hall has returned to normal hall service and regulations. We no longer offer a Take-a-Way option in the hall. All meal should be consumed within the hall in service hours. 



Current students with a College card are able to purchase a "Student's Meal Deal" for £4.94. 

This consists of the following;

One Main Course with two of the items below:

One carb, one veg, one small salad


One main course with large plated salad 

'Deli Bar' options will be served with chosen garnish; all else will be charged as extra. 

You, of course, can purchase items individually with the 33% student discount.


Discounts can only be applied when using a Student card at the till, Debit cards would be charged at the full price of £7.38 for full meal.



Main Hall Weekly Servery Menu: 

All Menus are subject to change due to a shortage of deliveries and drivers, sorry for any inconvience this may cause 

Next week menu:file hall_menu_for_week_commencing_monday_3rd_october_.docx