Dining Hall and Food Deliveries

Dining Hall and Food Deliveries

To support College members in residence, the College is offering food delivery services to those who need to self-isolate, either on a ready prepared or self-catering basis.

Hot Lunch  take-a-way service, Monday to Saturday . This is delivered to your door and is priced at £4.69 to students.

Orders must be received by 12:00 the weekday prior to delivery and can only be made up to five days in advance. Please ensure you include dietary requests at the time of booking. Charges will be applied direct to you battles.

For cooked food deliveries, please follow the link:  Take away service

Food parcels for self-isolation -  must be ordered by 12pm at the latest for next day delivery, and by 12pm on Friday for a Monday delivery. There are no deliveries available over weekends. The cost of food parcels @ £22.00 will be charged to your battels.

Available food parcel options are as follow: 

Food Parcel Option 1 Food Parcel Option 2 Food Parcel Option 3 (Vegetarian)
sliced white bread brown baguette 1kg white tortilla wraps
sliced brown bread sliced white bread 1 x sliced brown bread
2 x 800g baked beans 1 x 500g tuna 2 x 800g mixed beans
2 x 800g chopped tomatoes 2 x 800g chopped tomatoes 2 x 800g chopped tomatoes
1 x 500g pasta 1 x 500g pasta 1 x 500g pasta
1kg long grain rice 1kg long grain rice 1kg long grain rice
1kg medium potatoes 1kg medium potatoes 2kg oven chips
1.5kg plain flour 1.5kg plain flour 1.5kg plain flour
1 ltr long life milk 500g mayonnaise 5 x cereal bars
1 ltr semi skimmed milk 1 ltr semi skimmed milk 1 ltr semi skimmed milk
250g unsalted butter 250g unsalted butter 250g unsalted butter
500g sliced ham 500g sliced turkey 500g meat free sausages
200g tomato puree 200g tomato puree 200g tomato puree
250g cheese 150g creamed cheese 6 eggs
6 eggs 1kg mixed fruits 1kg salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce)
1kg minced beef 1kg chicken fillets 1kg quorn mince
tea & coffee tea & coffee tea & coffee

All food parcels can be can be tailored to your dietary & allergen needs, just let us know when booking! To order one, please follow the link: Food parcels

*****DINING TIMES*****

The Dining Hall will open from the 4th of January 2021

COMMON HALL LUNCH - Main space Hall, Monday- Saturday 12:20pm- 1:50pm

Houses are now asked to use the hall take-away service within the time slots below to reduce the risk of Covid spread.

12.20-12:30pm  All College Staff: hot takeaway food selection

Ghassan Shaker Building 12:30-12:40

Gateway Building            12:40-12:50

Founders A Building        12:50-13:00

Founders B&C Building  13:00-13:10

21-24 Winchester Road    13:10-13:20

25-26 Winchester, 3 Church Walk    13:20-13:30

83-85 Woodstock Road plus 86 Woodstock Road  13:30-13:40

64-66 woodstock Road plus 107 Woodstock Road 13:40-13:50 

Hall service concludes at 13:50pm



CLOSED ALL DAY ON SUNDAY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Current students with a College card are able to purchase a "Student's Meal Deal" for £4.69. 

This consists of the following;

One Main Course with two of the items below:

One carb, one veg, one small salad


One main course with large plated salad 

'Deli Bar' options will be served with chosen garnish; all else will be charged as extra. 



Hall Update: From the 4th of January the hall with be serving a take-away lunch Service only, there will be no seating in the main hall under the new Tier 4 Status. Also we will only be serving take-a-way Monday to Saturday. 

Anyone in isolation can order food to be delivered at lunch to the front door of their accommodation . Please state if you would like vegetarian or a meat option. 


Hall Menu:File hall_menu_for_week_commencing_monday_1st_march.docx