Fees and charges

Fees and charges

Find information on this page about what your battels account is, and the fees and charges you can expect to find on your battels statements. For payment methods, please see our page on How to pay

Your battels account Students: Tuition 
and college fees
Students: US federal loan funding Students: University and
College continuation
Students: College deposit Students: College community charge Students: Other charges Senior Members: fees and charges

Your battels account

Your battels account refers to your account with the College where we keep a record of the bills that the College will issue to you and the payments that you make to the College. Each member of College has a battels account.

You will be sent statements five times a year (at the end of September, at the start of Hilary and Trinity terms, at the end of Trinity term, and at the end of July) showing the charges you need to pay. The statements are sent by email.

If we bill a sponsor directly for funding towards your fees or other costs, the amounts will not appear on your battels statement.  If the funding body do not pay by the deadline, you will be required to follow up with them.  If no arrangement satisfactory to the college is agreed, you will be notified of the date by which you will need to find alternative funding or cover the costs yourself. 

All fees and charges on your battels statement must be paid by the deadline shown in the the email attaching your statement. This is normally two weeks after the date that the statement is sent.

Non-payment of battels is taken seriously. Where battels balances remain un-cleared, College facilities may be withdrawn. If full payment is not received promptly interest may be charged on the balance outstanding, calculated from the date of the previous statement. A charge is also made for cheques which banks return unpaid (bounced cheques). The College will not make loans or advances to students in respect of scholarships, bursaries, loans or other payments which students may be due to receive.

Students: Course fees

All students are liable to pay course fees for the duration of their standard period of fee liability. For more information please see the University page on fee liability . The University also has listings of all course fees for the current and next academic year.

Course fees will be billed on your first battels statement of the year and must be paid in full by the end of 1st week of Michaelmas (autumn/fall) term. Due to the billing process we cannot issue your first battels early.   

If you have a scholarship that will be paid to you in instalments so that you can then pay fees etc to the College, it may be possible to arrange an instalment plan to align with payments from your funding body. If this applies to you, please contact battels@sant.ox.ac.uk .

Students: US federal loan funding

Details on applying for and managing a US federal loan as a new or continuing student can be found on the University of Oxford’s Graduate Admissions Website on the US Federal Loan page https://www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/graduate/fees-and-funding/loans/us-loans 

If you are a student funded by US federal loans, you will receive a statement showing the fees and charges due but you do not need to make a payment unless your loan is insufficient to cover the full amount of your fees as they will automatically be deducted from your loan instalments in equal parts through the year. 

If your loan is not sufficient to cover all of your fees and charges you will need to pay the amount due on your statement each term.

If your loan is intended to fund all or part of your living costs in addition to fees and charges shown on your battels statement, you will need to open a UK bank account as soon as possible and pass the account details to a member of the Accounts team so that any balance due to you can be paid over promptly.

Please note that the date that your loan is paid to the College is not the date you can expect to receive funds for living costs in your bank account. We are required to allocate money received on your behalf to your battels account within 3 working days of it reaching the College bank account. We then calculate deductions for fees and other College charges before paying the balance over to you. This must be done within a further 14 days.

Students: University and College continuation charge

Standard terms of fee liability for Research Students is usually 6 terms for MLitt students and DPhil students who previously completed an MPhil or 9 terms for all other DPhil students. For a full definition on fee liability, please see the University's fee liability page. Research students who have reached their standard period of fee liability and continue to be enrolled and studying will be liable to pay termly college and university continuation charges. Both charges are payable up to and including the term in which you submit your thesis (even if your thesis is later referred back to you).  The final day on which you may submit your thesis before becoming liable for the charge for a given term is Friday of week 0 of that term.

The University continuation charge is payable by all research students whose course started in or after September 2011. The University continuation charge is billed and collected by the University at the start of each term. It is not collected by the College and will not appear on your battels statement.  The rate for 22/23 is £548 per term.

The College continuation charge is payable by all research students, regardless of course start date. The College continuation charge is charged termly and will appear on each battels statement when a student becomes liable to pay it.  The rate for 22/23 is £137 per term. For those students who began their course in the 2017/18 academic year or earlier, college continuation charges will be £132 per term in the 2022/23 academic year.

For part-time students, continuation charges will be half of the rate payable by full-time students. 

Students: College deposit

The College requires each student to pay a deposit at the start of their course. If you are continuing immediately from one degree to another you do not need to pay a second deposit.

For information on how the deposit can be refunded to you or donated to a college fund please see the completing your course section.  Deposits are only withheld in full or in part by the College in the case of debt due to the College and/or loss or damage to College property.

The deposit is £250 in 2023/24.

Students: College community charge

Students are liable for a College community charge at the start of each academic year. The charge is compulsory for all students regardless of whether they expect to be based in College during the year and will be £96 for the full year in 2023/24. This charge entitles students to use the Hall and its facilities and helps the College keep meal charges for students as low as possible. The charge also contributes towards the upkeep of communal areas, and allows the College to support the GCR (ie the Student Body and its representitives) to run its events and other activities. 

Students: other charges

Other charges you might see on your battels statements include:

  • Accommodation charges, if you are living in College. Accommodation is billed on a termly basis.  For students in accommodation over the summer, it is also billed at the end of Trinity Term and at the end of July. 
  • Bedding pack, if you order one before arriving;
  • Printing costs. These are billed in arrears on an 'as-used' basis;
  • Cost of any formal meals you attend;
  • Boat club subs/Gym Membership

Senior Member fees and charges

Some Senior Members, such as Academic Visitors, are liable to pay fees to the College. If this applies to you, the amount of the fee is explained in your election letter from the College. If you are unsure about the rate you need to pay, please contact the Senior Members' Administrator in the first instance. 

Depending on the funding arrangements for your attachment, other charges that you might see on your battels statements include:

  • Accommodation charges, if you are living in College. Accommodation is billed on a termly basis;
  • Lunches and dinners taken in the College Dining Hall;
  • Cost of any High Tables or Senior Members' dinners you attend;
  • Printing costs. These are billed in arrears on an 'as-used' basis;