St Antony's Research Conversation

St Antony's Research Conversation

Creating opportunities for members of the College community to form shared interest groups crossing subject disciplines in an enjoyable and informal setting.

(Formerly called the St Antony's Symposium). 

About the scheme

Students are encouraged to form shared interdisciplinary interest groups and meet for academic discussion.

Students who have formed a shared interest group with a minimum of five members may apply for wine for a dinner in Hall. Shared interest groups who have arranged for a Fellow to join them at their dinner may apply for funding for the meal and wine. 

The aim is to generate discussion and explore new ways of understanding an issue of relevance to St Antony’s members. The issue should not be restricted by country/region or by subject discipline, but be a topic that crosses boundaries. Examples of the types of topics that would be of interest could include: corruption, media, family policy or environmental issues.

Through the St Antony’s Research Conversation, members across the College community will have the opportunity to meet people that they might not otherwise get to know to explore an issue of common interest from a range of perspectives and backgrounds.

To find out of existing interest groups that you may wish to join, or to start your own and look for other members, look at the Research Conversation Facebook page here: 

How to apply for funding for wine or dinner

The joint sponsors should email a request for funding to the Registrar that explains:

  • The issue to be discussed and how it is relevant to a range of members at St Antony’s;
  • The names of the shared interest group members (including any accompanying Fellows);
  • The funding requested (i.e. wine if students only, or wine and dinner if a Fellow is also attending);
  • The proposed date of the dinner;

Applications should be submitted at least three weeks before the proposed dinner. 

Within a month of the dinner, a short report about the event should be submitted to the Registrar.

The St Antony’s Research Conversation is supported by the Antonian Fund.