Academic support

Academic support

The Academic Office supports students throughout their time at St Antony's, from admission to graduation. 

(Information about Welfare support is available here.)

Please see here for information about academic-related and welfare support. 


Senior Tutor

Registry Team

College Advisor



Senior Tutor

The Senior Tutor, Professor Walter Armbrust, is available to all St Antony's students for advice on any issues which are affecting their academic work. For appointmnets please email: ( The Senior Tutor will then set up a meeting with you.

Please also consider contacting your College Advisor if you are experiencing difficulties or would like to talk in confidence about another issue.


Academic Office

The Head of Academic Office manages the office and is  the first point of contact for queries about disability, exam arrangements, and hardship funding. 

The Deputy Head of Academic office should be contacted with queries about scholarships, travel grants, and graduation. Graduate progression (GSO) forms should also be sent to the Academic Office inbox:

The Academic and Admissions Officer is the first point of contact for all admissions inquiries, as well as transcripts and student status letters.


College Advisor

All St Antony's College students are assigned a College Advisor, who is a Governing Body Fellow or Associate Member of the College.

Your College Advisor can:

  • provide pastoral support, including on any health, personal or coping issues, and/or direct you to appropriate persons for assistance;
  • monitor your progress, by discussing your University supervision reports and by being available for consultation, either in person or by email;
  • discuss with you any problems or difficulties you may be experiencing in your Department or Faculty, and/or with your supervisor;
  • consult the Senior Tutor if there are concerns about your academic progress and if you appear to be experiencing difficulties with your academic work;
  • offer guidance on sources of support available within the College and University.

In addition, your College Advisor may be able to offer you advice on academic-related matters such as applications for research funding, conferences and seminar attendance, publication and career plans (College Advisors would not normally be expected to provide academic references, as others are better placed to do so. They might provide a reference for other purposes or a character reference.)

Your College Advisor is not expected to perform the role of your Department or Faculty Supervisor(s) and is not directing your academic work or giving detailed academic guidance. At St Antony's College, your College Advisor will be a member of a different Department/Faculty to the one you are enrolled in.

You are encouraged to contact your College Advisor as and when you need advice or help. (You should also feel free to consult other College officers as necessary; see below).

Details of your College Advisor will be emailed to you at the start of each term. Your College Advisor may be changed during periods of sabbatical or other academic leave. If you have a reason to seek a change of Advisor, you should contact the Senior Tutor.

If you have any questions, would like further information, or have any problems liaising with your College Advisor, please contact the Academic Office: