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Medical services

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Medical services in the UK

Please click here for a list of medical services in Oxford. 


National Health Service (NHS)

The National Health Service (NHS) is the UK’s state health service, and provides a full range of medical treatment. The UK Council for International Student Affairs gives a good summary of the services provided by the NHS and which service should be used for which type of illness. The British Council's EURAXESS website has a healthcare guide geared towards visiting researchers. 

If you are coming to the UK for the first time, you are likely to notice a number of differences between the healthcare system here and the system in your home country. For example, you would expect to visit a General Practitioner (known as GPs, medical doctors based in a community health centre/surgery) for most health complaints rather than going straight to see a specialist at a hospital. Another difference is that, if you will be studying/living in the UK for more than six months, much of the healthcare provided by the NHS is free of charge.

How to access health care in Oxford

The College has an agreement with nearby Summertown Health Centre to provide NHS medical services for our students and Senior Members.

Student registration (if staying for more than six months)

If you aren’t already registered with a GP (doctor) in Oxford, you need to attend a short medical registration session in College. These are organised at the start of Michaelmas term and you can sign up for an appointment when you arrive at St Antony's.

To register, you will need to complete three forms. These are emailed to all new students in the summer before Michaelmas term. You can also download them at any time from Summertown Health Centre's St Antony's page.

Once registered, you can then access health care by seeing the College Nurse or Doctor (see below) or by making an appointment at Summertown Health Centre, a 15 minute walk/five minute taxi journey from St Antony’s. 

The phone number for Summertown Health Centre is +44 (0)1865 515552. When the Health Centre is closed you will be automatically diverted to the out of hours health service.

Senior Member registration (if staying more than six months)

To register, please download the registration forms from Summertown Health Centre’s St Antony's page or obtain a paper copy from the Health Centre.

You will need to take your University Card with you and (if applicable) your passport with valid UK visa the first time that you visit Summertown Health Centre as proof that you are connected to St Antony's College. Please contact the Senior Members' Administrator if you would like the College to write a letter for you confirming your attachment to the College. 

Students/Senior Members who are in Oxford for less than six months

Students visiting for periods of less than six months should have private medical insurance. You can register temporarily at Summertown Health Centre during your stay in Oxford. There is no cost for temporary registration, which needs to be done in person at the Health Centre. Do not fill in the forms that are sent out to matriculated students/available on Summertown Health Centre's website. 

Once you have registered, you can make an appointment to see a Doctor, either in person or by a phone consultation. An in-person consultation currently costs £45. If you require a prescription for medicine(s), Summertown Health Centre can advise you about the further charges which will be incurred.

Because you would be liable to pay to see a Doctor or Nurse, appointments are accessed directly at Summertown Health Centre and not through the term-time College Nurse/Doctor system.

If you are visiting from the European Economic Area, please visit the National Health Service website for guidance.

Generally speaking, Senior Members and Visiting Students who are from outside the UK for less than six months are advised to take out appropriate private healthcare insurance for the length of your stay in the UK. The College is not able to recommend any particular insurance type or scheme.

You are able to register temporarily at Summertown Health Centre during your stay in Oxford. There is no cost for temporary registration, which needs to be done in person at the Health Centre. 

Once you have registered, you can make an appointment to see a Doctor or Nurse at Summertown Health Centre (not in College), either in person or by a phone consultation. An in-person consultation currently costs £45. If you require a prescription for medicine(s), the Health Centre can advise you about the further charges which will be incurred.

Partners and children

Your partner and/or children are also able to register directly at Summertown Health Centre as long as you are living in the Summertown area (i.e. the area between the College and the Health Centre). Please ask Summertown Health Centre if you are unsure about whether you live in their catchment area.

Private health care

If you prefer to register with a private practice (i.e. to pay for your treatment), you may like to try the Oxford Private Medical Practice. They are located in Summertown, around 15 minutes' walk or a five minute taxi journey from the College.

College Nurse and Doctor

The College Nurse  and Doctors are based at Summertown Health Centre and offer appointments for students during term time for consultations with registered students and Senior Members who are staying for more than six months. 

College Nurse

The College Nurse is available during term time at the following times:

  • Mondays 11:30am - 1.30pm
  • Thursdays 2.30pm - 4.30pm
  • Fridays 11.30am-1.30pm

Please email the nurse directly to book an appointment: 

College Doctor

The College Doctor Dr Dave Triffitt offers appointments during term time (weeks 1-8 inclusive) at the following times:

  • Tuesdays at the following times:
  • 14.40
  • 14.55
  • 15.10
  • 15.25
  • 15.40
  • 15.55
  • 16.10
  • 16.25

You will have to make an appointment in advance - bookings for each Tuesday will close at 1.30pm on the Monday of that week. If you are unable to make an appointment you can always contact the Summertown Health Centre to arrange an appointment. We recommend that you use the eConsult pages:

To book your College Doctor appointment, please email the College Nurse 

Medicines and treatments not available through the NHS

Please note that a few medicines and treatments are not available through the NHS service. Commonly requested but unavailable medications include desensitising injections for the treatment of allergy, triphasic contraceptive pills, Nuva-ring contraception, Bupropion for the treatment of depression, and stimulants for the treatment of conditions including adult onset ADHD. Please bring adequate supplies with you or the College Doctor or Nurse can suggest alternative treatments.

Vaccinations you should have before arriving in Oxford

The University strongly recommends that all UK and international students should have a measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination, and should receive both the recommended doses, before arriving in Oxford. Contracting measles or mumps would have serious consequences. 

You should also make sure you have Meningitis C vaccination before you arrive. For those coming from out of the UK, Meningitis A & C (or ACWY) vaccine is acceptable if Meningitis C vaccine is not available. 

The College Nurse also recommends that you receive Diptheria, Tetanus and Polio vaccinations before arriving.

Students and Senior Members from some countries will be required to receive tuberculosis screening before starting their course. Please see the University's guidance.  

Dental treatment

Dental treatment is available through the National Health Service (NHS) and you have to make a contribution towards the cost of treatment.

St Antony’s students and Senior Members often register with Studental based at Oxford Brookes University or Temple Street Dental Practice between Cowley and Iffley Roads. Both are NHS practices.

Registration is done and appointments are booked directly with the dentist, online or in person.