User Accounts

User Accounts

To access to the full range of faculties you are entitled to through membership of St Antony’s, you need two different accounts with the same username but different passwords:

1. Single Sign On (SSO) account

For using the College IT Room, accessing your University email account (Nexus) and registering for other facilities including wired network access, anti-virus, backup and a remote access account (see below). If you have completed the OSS self-registration process, then this account is already activated. Otherwise activate it here:
Academic Visitors should receive a letter in their pigeon holes in the Porters’ Lodge containing this activation code.

2. Remote Access "WiFi / VPN" account

For access to the eduroam wireless network, and connecting your own device to the University network when you are away from Oxford via VPN. Register for remote access at:  using your SSO account.