Starting your course

Starting your course

When should I arrive?

Please see our page for newly admitted students for our recommended arrival dates.

What do I need to do before term starts?

Please see our page for newly admitted students to check you are prepared for your arrival at St Antony's.

What will happen during Welcome Week?

A lot happens during Welcome Week, which is the week before Michaelmas (autumn/fall) term starts! You will need to attend compulsory induction events in College as well as in your department/faculty and will also have the opportunity to join in a wide range of other events and activities. Everything is geared towards helping you settle in to your new course at St Antony's and to life in Oxford. You can find more information on our Welcome Week page.

What is matriculation?

Matriculation is the ceremony that marks your formal admission to the University. Unless you've already done a course at Oxford, you will need to matriculate during your first term at St Antony's. See our matriculation page for a detailed description of the day and an illustrated guide showing what you need to wear.

When does term start and finish?

There are three terms in the Oxford academic year:

  • Michaelmas, running from early October to early December;
  • Hilary, from mid-January to mid-March;
  • Trinity, from mid-April to mid-June.

Terms are eight weeks long but you should ensure you are available in the week before the start of term (known as "0th week", as in zero week) and the week after the end of term ("9th week") as teaching, exams and supervisions can take place during this time.

You can find term dates up to 2028 on the University website.

Where can I find a list of Oxford specific terminology?

As well as navigating your way around a new course and setting, there are a number of unfamiliar words used at Oxford that you will come across during your time here, such as battels, sub-fusc, Michaelmas and more... The University's Oxford glossary is a good starting point for learning this new language, but please don't hesitate to ask a member of College staff or GCR Executive if you are unsure about vocabulary.