Careers Conference 2014

St Antony's Career Path Conference 2014

Careers Conference 2014

Saturday, 24 May 2014 - 10:15am to 4:30pm
Venues around College
Careers & Wellbeing Programme

St Antony's College and GCR are delighted to announce that the 2014 Career Path Conference will be held on Saturday 24 May in locations around the College. Building on the success of the inaugural Career Path Conference in 2010, this year's conference will help St Antony’s students think ahead and explore a range of career options.

There will be six panel sessions to explore career domains identified by current students as being of relevance and interest to Antonians. The panels are: 

  1. Academia; 
  2. Finance, entrepreneurship and consultancy; 
  3. Development and social engagement; 
  4. Energy and the environment; 
  5. Policy, government and diplomacy; and 
  6. Media and communications.

In addition there will be two Career Skills workshops to help you focus on improving your CV and understanding more about internships.

The sessions will draw on the expertise of our alumni, visiting researchers and friends of the College. Each panel will be moderated by a current student whose research and/or background matches the emphasis of the panel. Whilst each panel has an identified focus area, we recognise and embrace the fact that speakers will bring a range of experiences that may enhance each panel with a cross-disciplinary and multi-regional feel.

Please see the timetable attached for full details.