Do crises change economic fundamentals in South East Europe?

Tirana conference

Do crises change economic fundamentals in South East Europe?

Friday, 30 October 2015 - 9:00am
Illyria I Room, Sheraton Tirana Hotel, Tirana, Albania
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SESSION 1: Has the economy changed in the post crisis period?
Changes and challenges in transmission policy mechanism and economic behavior in the face of recent developments in European and global markets.

SESSION 2: Has financial intermediation model changed and how should financial stability and supervision policies respond?
Challenges of reconciling financial intermediation, financial stability, banking supervision and coordination with monetary policy.

GOVERNORS’ PANEL: Misunderstanding/misjudgment vs reality
Emerging Europe seems to have lost its attractiveness and confidence in the post crisis period. Have recent regional and global developments altered the fundamentals of the business in emerging Europe or the fundamentals in the foreign partners? What is the correct policy response?

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