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MEC Seminar
Avi Shlaim (St Antony's) and Eugene Rogan (St Antony's)
11 May 2018 - 5:00pm
Investcorp Auditorium, Middle East Centre, St Antony's College
Synopsis: Through riveting and moving personal recollections of both Palestinians and Israelis, 1948: Creation & Catastrophe reveals the shocking events of the most pivotal year in the most... Read more
Nissan Seminar
Lucy Crehan, Education Researcher and Author
11 May 2018 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm
Pavilion Room, 4th Floor, Gateway Building, St. Antony's College, Oxford
Lucy Crehan is a qualified teacher, an education explorer, an author, and an international education consultant. She taught science and psychology at a secondary school in London before becoming... Read more
Jacques Rupnik (Sciences Po Paris)
11 May 2018 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Nissan Lecture Theatre
The Knowledge Bridges Poland-Britain-Europe project is supported by the Noble Foundation, Polish Cultural Institute (London) and the European Studies Centre. The project’s partners include the... Read more
11 May 2018 - 2:30pm to 12 May 2018 - 5:00pm
Seminar Room, European Studies Centre
For full programme see here . Registration required by email to . Speakers: Stanley Bill (Cambridge), Tomasz Grzegorz Grosse (Warsaw), Anna Wojciuk (Warsaw), Michael... Read more
African Studies Seminar
Elizabeth Ewart (University of Oxford) & Wolde Tadesse (University of Oxford)
10 May 2018 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm
Pavilion Room, St Antony's College
Enset ( ensete ventricosum; Abyssinian banana), uniquely domesticated in Ethiopia, sustains upwards of 20 million people in southern Ethiopia. It also feeds a sizeable animal population and is in... Read more
Latin American History Seminar
Gonzalo Capellan, University of La Rioja
9 May 2018 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm
LAC Seminar Room, 1 Church Walk, Oxford
Gonzalo Capellán PhD in Modern and Contemporary History with extraodinary award. Associate Professor at Universidad de La Rioja, and formerly at Universidad del País Vasco and Cantabria, in Santander... Read more
India on the World Stage: International Relations of India Seminar Series
Lawrence Sáez (SOAS)
9 May 2018 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm
Syndicate Room
The seminar is organised by the Indian National Student Association (INSA), with support from the South Asian Studies Programme at the School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies, and from the Asian... Read more
Southeast Asia Seminar
Junko Asano, Jieun Baek and Adrian Calo
9 May 2018 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm
Deakin Room
The Making of the Indonesian Migrant Labour Movement Junko Asano (St Antony’s, International Development) The Bold and Brave of Burma: A Micro-Level Study of the first Movers of Dissent between 1988-... Read more
European Studies Seminar
Professor Matthew Longo (Leiden University)
8 May 2018 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm
Seminar Room, European Studies Centre, 70 Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6HR
Join us at the European Studies Centre for a presentation and book launch of: The Politics of Borders: Sovereignty, Security, and the Citizen after 9/11 Borders sit at the center of global politics.... Read more
Hannah Waddilove (University of Warwick)
8 May 2018 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm
African Studies Centre Seminar Room
Devolution introduced new local-level political offices in order to transform Kenyan politics by reducing the high stakes around the presidential race. The controversy over the 2017 presidential... Read more
South Asia Seminar
Zaad Mahmood (ODID, Presidency University, Kolkata)
8 May 2018 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm
Headley Lecture Theatre, Ashmolean Museum
Are political actors still relevant in shaping policy in the interest of domestic socio-economic concerns under conditions of globalization? This book draws attention to the continuing relevance of... Read more
Political Economy of Financial Markets (PEFM)
Kristina Kaempfer (St Antony’s College, Oxford), Jonas Richter (St Antony's College)
7 May 2018 - 5:00pm
Seminar Room, European Studies Centre, 70 Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6HR
Join us for a drink after the talks! A feminist analysis of women’s work experiences in finance - Kristina Kaempfer In a 2009 Guardian article, Ruth Sutherland raised the question If Lehman Brothers... Read more
7 May 2018 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm
Investcorp Building, St Antony's College
Dilma Rousseff was elected President of Brazil in 2010, becoming the first woman to hold the office. She was reelected in 2014. Previously, she served as Minister of Energy and then Presidential... Read more
Russian and Eurasian Studies Centre Monday Seminar
Dr Rebecca Reich (Cambridge)
7 May 2018 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Nissan Lecture Theatre
ESC Lunchtime Seminar
Andrea Brazzoduro (Deakin Fellow, St Antony’s College)
7 May 2018 - 12:30pm to 2:00pm
Seminar Room, European Studies Centre, 70 Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6HR
Dr Andrea Brazzoduro is Deakin Fellow at the European Studies Centre, St Antony’s College. He joined Oxford in 2015 as Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at the Faculty of History and Junior Research... Read more