Graduate Student Research Presentations

Illustration of a women reading a newspaper by Myra Fazal (Instagram: @myra.paint)

Graduate Student Research Presentations

Monday, 8 March 2021 - 4:00pm
Online - Zoom
Graduate Students
Faisal Devji

Join us at this seminar, where MSt and first-year DPhil students will be presenting on their dissertation projects. 

4.00 -4.20pm Imran Visram - The scriptural canonisation of Indo-Ismaili ginān lyrics

4.20-4.40pm Itmar Toussia Cohen - Rule of Capital: Exterritoriality in the western Indian Ocean, 1839-1967

4.40 -5.00pm Zobia Haq - Veils of Language: conceptualisations of the birth of Bangladesh

5.00 -5.20pm Abhimanyu Arni - The India League and the British Left: The Dilemnas of Anti-Colonial Orientalism"

5.20 -5.40pm Sheetal Jain - The politics of Hindu Mahasabha(c.1915-1947)

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