Lebanon: ‘Promoting Human Flourishing through social-emotional learning

Lebanon: ‘Promoting Human Flourishing through social-emotional learning

Tuesday, 22 February 2022 - 5:00pm
Dr Garene Kaloustian, World Learning Lebanon
Dr David Johnson and Dr Fiona Gatty

Education, Purpose and Human Flourishing in Uncertain Times Series

Theme 2: Culture and Context

This seminar series explores how we might better understand the ‘idea’ or indeed the ideal of flourishing, and the importance of education as a pathway to it. Previously, we examined a variety of important concepts concerning personhood and society as it relates to flourishing, such as character and virtue, and asked whether flourishing lies in the development of these. In this second seminar series, we turn our attention to other notions interdependently related to flourishing, specifically the notions of culture and context. In simple terms, we ask whether and how the development of mind and socioemotional qualities such as character, virtue, open-mindedness, resilience, and actualisation are differently, but no less meaningfully, shaped by history and culture across world contexts.

These seminars are open to the public and can be joined virtually on the following MS Teams link: Click here to join the meeting