The Making of Nelson Mandela III

The Making of Nelson Mandela III

Tuesday, 18 February 2014 - 5:00pm
Dahrendorf, St Antony's
South African Discussion Group

The discussion will explore Mandela’s reconstruction of himself through his autobiography, A Long Walk to Freedom. Amongst other areas of exploration, the discussion will also consider whether this was reflected in the narratives and rituals through which his death was mourned and memorialised. The discussion will also reflect on the historical place of ‘political funerals’ in the construction of nationalist sentiment and related mythmaking in apartheid South Africa, and their role in the present context.


N. Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom, 1995.  

Chapter on ‘Nationalism and theatricality’, in B. Bozzoli, Theatres of Struggle and the End of Apartheid, 2004.