Oxford Political Thought Seminar - Heresy

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Oxford Political Thought Seminar - Heresy

Wednesday, 14 June 2023 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm
ZOOM Webinars
Teena Purohit (Boston University)
Zaki Rehman (University of Oxford)
Professor Faisal Devji and Dr Usaama al-Azami (University of Oxford)
Oxford Political Thought Seminar

Join us for our latest webinar in the Oxford Political Thought Series. Register here to receive your personal ZOOM link. 4pm UK British Summer Time (GMT+1)

Guest speakers

Teena Purohit (Boston University), 'Antipathy and Appropriation of 'Heretical' Thought in Modernist Islam'

Zaki Rehman (University of Oxford), 'The Ahmadiyya, Global Islam, and Religious Freedom'

Our convenors are Professor Faisal Devji (Faculty of History) and Dr Usaama al-Azami (Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies), University of Oxford.


We are grateful to our guest speakers for giving us permission to record the live webinars - our Programme Manager edits the recordings and the edited production becomes a podcast episode in our podcast series.

You can browse the themes and guest speaker details of all our past Oxford Political Thought webinars at our webpage: https://www.sant.ox.ac.uk/research-centres/contemporary-islamic-studies/...