Poetry evening with Tomasz Różycki

Poetry evening with Tomasz Różycki

Friday, 5 June 2015 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Lecture theatre, Radcliffe Humanities Building
Tomasz Różycki (Polish poet)
Anna Ready (Oxford University Press)
Antonia Lloyd-Jones (translator of Polish literature)
POMP Event

Conversation with one of the most remarkable Polish poets Tomasz Różycki about his work and its translations into English led by Anna Ready from Oxford University Press.

Różycki, 45, is the author of seven poetry volumes which have been very well received in his native country and abroad. He was given the Kościelski Award for Dwanaście stacji /Twelve Stations and was shortlisted for the Nike Award (Polish Booker prize) for Kolonie /Colonies. The latter volume translated into English by Mira Rosenthal was shortlisted for the Oxford-Weidenfeld Translation Prize and the Griffin Poetry Prize last year and won the Northern California Book Award for Poetry in Translation.

Różycki is also a translator in his own right, brining French authors to the Polish audience.

The conversation with the poet will focus on his career as a poet, essayist and translator, and will be held in English, with readings of his work in Polish by Różycki himself and its English translations by Antonia Lloyd-Jones, a renowned translator of Polish literature in the UK.

The event is supported by Programme on Modern Poland and Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation and the Polish Cultural Institute in London.

Imagine that

there’s no such thing as Eastern Europe, no

cellars for hiding neighbors, no transports,

no round-ups, never any dreams of going


from house to house

(from a poem called ‘Military Service’ in Colonies, translated by Mira Rosenthal)