Postgraduate Research Seminar

Tibetan School

Postgraduate Research Seminar

Tuesday, 2 February 2016 - 2:00pm
Fellows' Dining Room
Daniel Hunt
Ria Kapoor (Lady Margaret Hall)
Amar Sohal (Merton)
Dr F Devji
South Asia Seminar

Indian Activism in the Metropole 1880-1900

Daniel Hunt, St Antony's College
An examination of Indian parliamentary activism during the emergence of popular democracy, looking in particular at the parliamentary career of Dadabhai Naoroji

Making Refugees in India

Ria Kapoor, Lady Margaret Hall

The purpose of Ria Kapoor’s research is to trace the alternative conception of practice towards refugees in India. Taking into account the postcolonial context and contemporary international concerns, this will be explored via four crises involving persons displaced over international borders. The case studies used will be the partition of British India, political asylum to Tibetan refugees in 1959, the 'return' of the Burmese Indians in the 1960s, and the exodus from East Pakistan in 1971. 

The Third Colour: Muslim Ideas of India, c. 1930-1965

Amar Sohal, Merton College
Amar Sohal’s presentation aims to show how the political thought of the 'nationalist' Muslims constitutes a distinctive element in the intellectual history of modern India. Exploring the ideas of devout maulanas, progressive poets, and regional politicians, it will contend that these diverse thinkers converged on: a shared national imagination; a politics of self-sacrifice and communitarian optimism; and commitments to socialism and federalism. By suggesting that there are 'nationalist' meanings to be found in the politics of the Muslim League, it will also argue that Indian nationalism as a Muslim idea, cannot be reduced to the exclusive property of the 'nationalist' Muslims.

This seminar series is organised with the support of the History Faculty.