POSTPONED The green and the red: How the rise of green parties shapes distributive politics

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POSTPONED The green and the red: How the rise of green parties shapes distributive politics

Tuesday, 16 November 2021 - 5:00pm
Seminar Room, European Studies Centre
Hanna Schwander (Humboldt University, Berlin)
Tim Vlandas (St Antony’s College, Oxford)
European Studies Seminar


Green parties are on the rise in Western Europe, gaining not only electoral support but also access to government. Considering that climate change is on everybody’s lip, this might not surprise. Yet, as parties of the political left, the ascent of green parties is likely to affect distributive politics as well, a topic about which we know little so far. Adapting a multidimensional perspective of distributive politics, I tackle the question of green parties’ influence on distributive politics from both the demand and supply side of political competition. I argue that green voters favour social investment over social consumption and universalist over exclusive social policies. I then examine the translation of these preferences in government action by study the impact of green government participation on three dimensions of distributive policy making: social consumption, social investment and taxation policies.

Located at the intersection between comparative politics, political sociology and political economy, Hanna Schwander’s research is guided by her interest in how post-industrial transformations of welfare states, labour markets and societies affect various aspects of political life. Prior to joining the Humboldt University, she was Professor of Public Policy at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin and a Senior Researcher with an Ambizione-Project on women’s political alignment at the Department of Political Science of the University of Zurich. She obtained her PhD in 2012 from the University of Zurich and joined the Research Center on Inequality and Social Policy (SOCIUM) in Bremen in the same year. She also worked at the European University Institute in Florence, the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford and the University of Essen-Duisburg.

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