Taiwanese Film Night: "Banana Paradise"

Taiwanese Film Night: "Banana Paradise"

Thursday, 12 March 2015 - 5:00pm
Nissan Lecture Theatre, St Antony's College
Feng-yi Chu
Taiwan Studies Seminar Series

With the curious dream of going to Taiwan to eat its reputed bananas, Men-shuan joined the Nationalist army and came to Taiwan with its retreating troops in 1949. Yet, before long having being suspected as a communist spy, he fled from the military and then met Yue-xiang, whose husband had recently passed away and left her with a young child. Seeking mutual support, Men-shuan took on the role of her deceased husband, working in Taiwan to earn a living and taking care of Yue-xiang and her son. Forty years passed and the governments on the both sides of the strait finally began to permit communication between their populations—Yue-xiang’s son found his grandfather in the mainland China and has keenly managed to arrange a family meeting ... Faced with such eagerness, how would Men-shuan keep the secret of forty years from his ‘son’ and meet the ‘father’ whom he never known?

It's a rare chance to watch this classic since the DVD is out of print. And it's a great film particular for students who are interested in Taiwanese modern history or in the ethnic (provincial-origin) conflict in Taiwanese society.

Nominated in the 26th Golden Horse Award: Best Motion Picture
Best Leading Actor
Best Story
Best Costume Design
Best Sound Recording

And won the award of Best Supporting Actor