Taiwanese Film Night: "Cape No. 7"

Taiwanese Film Night: "Cape No. 7"

Thursday, 13 November 2014 - 5:00pm
Nissan Lecture Theatre, St Antony's College
Feng-yi Chu
Taiwan Studies Seminar Series

“People just can't get enough of Cape No. 7. The highest grossing local film in Taiwan's history, Cape No. 7 is now a cultural phenomenon, and only has Titanic's record left to conquer at the Taiwanese box office.” — Kozo, Reviewed at the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, 2008.

“A big-hearted let’s-put-on-a-show comedy centered on a despondent musician who gets his mojo back with a band of eccentric amateurs in his provincial hometown. Announced as Taiwan’s foreign-language film Oscar submission, this charmer has remake potential” — Richard Kuipers, Variety


A struggling young rock band singer, Aga (Van Fan), returns to his hometown Hengchun and works as a postman. He comes across an undeliverable piece of mail: seven love letters that were written for a Taiwanese girl by a Japanese teacher who used to live in Taiwan six decades ago. In the meantime he meets Tomoko (Chie Tanaka), a Japanese model and agent, who is assigned to organise a local Taiwanese band (with Aga on vocals) for the opening performance of a popular Japanese singer’s concert in Hengchun ... ‘Cape No.7’ is not only a romantic movie about two love stories, but it also reveals the entangled relationships—particularly at historic, social and emotional levels—between contemporary Taiwanese and Japanese societies.

Awards (selected):

2008 Golden Horse Award: The Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year, The Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year

2008 Taipei Film Festival: Taipei Million Grand Award

3rd Asian Film Awards: The Edward Yang New Talent Award

2009 Shanghai Film Critics Awards: Film of Merit