March 2018 E-Newsletter - More In You: Career Updates

March 2018 E-Newsletter - More In You: Career Updates

Dr Proochista Ariana (DPhil Development Studies, 2010) is running an executive training course on the Frontiers of Global Health Research

Owen Bennett-Jones (MPhil Politics, 1983) has produced a podcast series entitled ‘The Assassination’, about the murder of Benazir Bhutto’, which can be found here.

Dr Kevin Casos-Zamora (DPhil Politics, 2002) has been appointed as Chief of Mission of the Electoral Observation Mission of the OAS in Colombia.

Former US deputy assistant secretary of defence James Clad (Alastair Horne Fellow, 1988-1989) joined the American Foreign Policy Council, Washington DC, in November as its Senior Fellow for Asia.

Anna Coyet (née Komheden, European Politics and Society, 2000) has returned to Stockholm to work as International Coordinator at the Swedish Public Employment Services. She was previously Policy Officer & Programme Manager, Sweden Desk, Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, at the European Commission in Brussels.

Professor Diane Elson (BA Sociology, 1968) has been appointed by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to serve on the G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council in 2018, while Canada holds the G7 Presidency.

William Gumede (SAM, 2006-2007) founded the Democracy Works Foundation ( in 2014, to support democracy initiatives and organisations, including civil society, political parties and individual 'democrats'. The foundation also works on building democratic leadership in South Africa and Southern African political parties, democratic institutions and civil society and improving the quality of the public discourse on democracy in South Africa and Southern Africa. The foundation specifically uses new media platforms to deliver its content, programmes and initiative and has now launched offices in four other African countries, outside South Africa: Lesotho, Botswana, Swaziland and Malawi. 

John James (MSc African Studies, 2005) has just started a new job as Chief of Communications for UNICEF Zambia in Lusaka. He was formerly Head of Communications for UNICEF Sierra Leone.

Dr Hal Klepak (SAM 1998-1999) has been appointed President of Council of the UN-mandated University for Peace in San Jose, Costa Rica

On December 6, Mr Aurelio Nuño Mayer (MSc Latin American Studies, 2006), resigned as Mexico's Secretary of Public Education to become the campagin manager of the PRI's presidential candidate, Mr José Antonio Meade. His former aide at the Education Ministry and fellow Antonian Mr Manolo Reynaud (MSc Latin American Studies, 2008) has joined him in his new endeavour.

Suthagini Ponnambalam (Master of Public Policy, 2015) is now working as a Refugee Status determination (RSD)  Associate at the UNHCR in Colombo.

The Rt Hon Professor John Redwood (History, 1972) was re-elected to the UK Parliament in the summer of 2017. He has recently given a Speaker’s lecture on the future post Brexit for the UK, which was filmed and put out by the BBC. He writes a daily blog providing analysis of the world economy and important political events.

Commander Jeff Short (Visiting Fellow, 2008-2009) retired from the Royal Navy on 5 March after 37 years of service, stating that his time as Hudson Fellow at St Antony’s was one of the highlights of his career.

Sir Nicholas Stadlen (Alastair Horne Fellow, 2015-2016) has made a documentary film entitled Life Is Wonderful: Mandela's Unsung Heroes. It tells the stories of Nelson Mandela's lawyers and white, black and Indian co-defendants at the Rivonia Trial at which Mandela and seven others were sentenced to life in prison for conspiring to overthrow the apartheid regime by sabotage. The film is being launched in the summer in the UK and in South Africa and there will be a special screening followed by a Q&A in St Antony's.

Jose Vericat (DPhil Oriental Studies, 2016) was appointed The Carter Center’s Country Rep/Director for Israel-Palestine. His work focuses on Track II mediation, between Palestine and Israel, and for inter-Palestinian reconciliation between the West Bank and Gaza. With offices in Jerusalem and Ramallah, and representatives in Gaza and Tel Aviv, they claim to be the only institution of its kind. More details about his background here: