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The Middle East Centre Archive is committed to improving access to the photographic collections entrusted to its care. To this end photo galleries are being created to enable online viewing of images.

For copyright reasons only images that can be published can be put online. As work progresses in digitising suitable collections more galleries of images will be created.

The images in the photo galleries are displayed at a low resolution. Higher resolution images for publication are available from the Middle East Centre Archive. Prices for images and publication fees are advertised on our Photographic Resources webpage. To order copies please contact Debbie Usher

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Nina Baird:
Egypt c1916-1919 Nina-Baird-002
Gertrude Bell:
Mesopotamia/Iraq c1909-1920s

Bell 3: Gertrude [Bell, Mosul]
Estelle Blyth:
Palestine 1st World War

Humphrey Bowman:
The Hajj, Arabia pre 1914

Bowman Alb 1/20
Jill Brown:
Qatar, Late 1970s to Early 1980s

Charles Butt:
Jordan 1969 and 1981

Charles Butt Jordan 26
Charles Butt:
Oman 1967-1978

Charles Butt Oman 1515
Charles Butt:
Saudi Arabia 1984

Charles Butt Saudi Arabia 16
Charles Butt:
Qatar 1967-1973

Charles Butt Qatar 15
Norman Corkill:
Lower Arabian Peninsula, 1950s

Corkill 11
W.A. Cross:
Egypt c1899-1908

Violet Dickson:
Gulf, 1960s

Violet Dickson 8/11
George Edwards:
North African Campaign, 1941-43

George Edwards Album 1 No. 228 - Evening on the Nile
Jan Ellison:

Jan Ellison Album 1
Christopher Gandy:
Middle East including North Africa, 1940s-1970s

Gandy Album 3 No. 7
John Glubb:
Iraq 1920s

John Glubb Iraq Album 1 No. 29
Charles Iffla:
Turkey 1943-1944

Jerusalem and East Mission:
Holy Land, late 19th/early 20th century

J and EM Slide Box 8/1
Jerusalem and East Mission Album 1:
Holy Land

Jerusalem Photograph Album:
Holy Land, 1891-1901, 1922

Norman Mayers:
Arabia c1926

Mayers Alb 1/25
Reginald Monckton:
Palestine and Transjordan 1920s

Monckton 23: Street in Jaffa
Charles Pirie:
Oman 1966

Charles Pirie 23
Sir George Rendel:
Saudi Arabia 1937

Rendel 9
Alan Saunders:
Palestine 1st World War

Carpenter Scholes:
Persia 1890s

Scholes 16: ?Lah Lenenile Nomail
John Allan Smith:
Pilgrimage, Mecca and Medina Pre 1914 c1900s

Smith 17
Arthur Lionel Forster Smith:
Mesopotamia/Iraq 1920s

Smith Alb 6/1
Freya Stark:
Egypt 1940-1941

Freya Stark:
Persia 1969

Freya Stark:
South Arabia (Aden, Yemen)

Sir Joseph Tholozan:
Persia 19th Century

Harry Wade:
Iraq 1928-1930

H.V. Weakley:
Pilgrimage, Mecca c1912

weakley no 7

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