The Antonian Fund

The Antonian Fund

St Antony’s has launched the Antonian Fund to support a range of initiatives that will enhance all aspects of academic and student life across the College. The success of the Antonian Fund depends entirely on the generosity of Antonians and friends of the College.

By offering graduate scholarships, the Antonian Fund will ensure that the College will be able to attract and support students of the highest calibre from all over the world in their pursuit of academic excellence. The Fund will assist students and Fellows with research-related expenses, for example funding fieldwork or conference attendance. The Library, sport and other social societies, the GCR and other facilities will enjoy the Fund's support. To enrich academic life for students and Fellows alike, the Antonian Fund will award grants for conferences, special lectures and workshops, post-doctoral scholarships, and many other worthy academic activities.

Donors may wish to donate to ‘wherever the need is greatest’ or ‘express a preference’ for how their gift is spent. Donations of all sizes make a real and significant difference in many important areas. Your generosity will be vital and hugely appreciated by the students and Fellows of St Antony’s College.

You can read more about the Antonian Fund here.

Initiatives funded by the Antonian Fund

Thanks to the generous contributions to the Antonian Fund, the College was able to sponsor several projects which wouldn't have been possible otherwise. You can find a list of grant recipients on this page.

If you would like to donate, please visit the Oxford Thinking Online Giving page.

Donors from the UK, United States, Canada, Germany and Hong Kong can give tax-efficiently. Tax payers in the United States can make a gift through Americans for Oxford, inc. (AfO): a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization which seeks gifts to benefit the University of Oxford and its colleges.

Thank you for your generosity.