Dr Derek Hopwood

Dr Derek Hopwood

Emeritus Fellow

Derek Hopwood is an Emeritus Fellow of St Antony's College. He was the founding president of the Middle East Libraries Committee, a post which he kept until 1990. He was presented with the BRISMES Award for Services to Middle Eastern Studies in 2003.

MA, D.Phil in Oriental Studies, Brasenose College, Oxford ME Bibliographer, Oxford 1964-2000 SAM St Antony's 1964-70, Research Fellow 1970-84, Faculty Fellow 1984-2000, Emeritus Fellow 2000- Lecturer, then Reader in Modern ME Studies 1984-2000 Dean St Antony's 1979-1986, Dean of Degrees 1979-2000, Sub Warden 1993-95 Director MEC 1974-77, 1984-86, 1988-81, 1993-98 Bursar 1997 Secretary and Chairman Middle East Libraries Committee 1967-85, President Melcom International 1981-91 Secretary and President BRISMES 1973-89 President European Association of ME Studies 1992-97 OBE 1998 Visiting Professor, Universities of Provence, Khartoum, Ain Shams, Pennsylvania

Selected Publications: 

The Russian presence in Syria and Palestine 1969 Egypt; politics and society 1945-90 Syria 1945-1986; politics and society (reprint ?2015) Tales of Empire; the British in the ME 1989 Habib Bourguiba 1992 Sexual encounters in the ME 1999


Ed and Contributor;

Arabian Peninsula 1972 (reprint 2015)

Euro-Arab Dialogue (reprint 2015)

Iraq; power and Society 1993

Sudan; history, identity, ideology 1991

Arab Islamic Bibliography 1977

Three shadow plays of Ibn Daniyal 1992

Studies in Arab History 1990

Arab Nation Arab Nationalism 2000