Eirik Kvindesland

Eirik Kvindesland

Faculty of History, St. Antony's College

Start year: 2020

Preliminary Thesis title: On Islands of Oil: Jews and Zionism in the Persian Gulf, 1890-1950

Supervisors: Professor Eugene Rogan and Professor Yaacov Yadgar

I am a historian of the modern Middle East focusing on Palestine/Israel and the Persian Gulf. I work on transnational connections between these two regions, with a particular focus on Jewish history and the British Empire. As part of my degree, I have conducted archival research in numerous countries, covering sources in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, French and English. My DPhil is generously funded by the Middle East Centre through the 3-year Pachachi Studentship.

Before coming to the History Faculty and St. Antony's College, I completed an MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies at Balliol College, funded by Aker Scholarship. My undergraduate years were spent at School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, where I completed a BA in Arabic and History.

Website: www.kvindesland.net

Selected Publications: 

The Manama riots 1947: Bahraini Jews between Palestine and Gulf labour politics, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (2022), DOI: 10.1080/13530194.2022.2128720