Professor Jose Barrutia

Professor Jose Barrutia

Academic Visitor
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Jose M. Barrutia is a professor of governance and marketing at the University of the Basque Country. He has combined his university career with positions in private companies and in the public sector. He has been a consultant manager for PricewaterhouseCoopers, Director of Marketing for a Regional Bank, Advisor of the President of the Basque Country, and Director of the Department of Economics and Planning of the Basque Government.

His research focuses on service, sustainability, co-creation, and networking. He has published more than 40 articles in journals included in the Journal of Citation Reports, such as Global environmental Change, Journal of Service Research, Journal of Cleaner Production, The Service Industries Journal, Journal of Service Management, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, International Journal of Market Research, European Journal of Marketing, Geoforum, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, Regional Studies, and Environment and Planning A. He is a regional editor for the International Journal of Financial Services Management.



Selected Publications: 

Hartmann, P., Apaolaza, V., D’Souza, C., Barrutia, J. M., & Echebarria, C. (2017). Corporate Environmental Responsibility Communication: Implications from CSR and Green Advertising Research. In Handbook of Integrated CSR Communication (pp. 377-392). Springer International Publishing.

Barrutia, J. M., Paredes, M. R., & Echebarria, C. (2016). Value co-creation in e-commerce contexts: does product type matter? European Journal of Marketing50(3/4), 442-463.

Echebarria, C., Barrutia, J. M., Aguado, I., Apaolaza, V., & Hartmann, P. (2016). Capturing the benefits that emerge from regional sustainability networks: The Castile–La Mancha network of sustainable cities and towns. Papers in Regional Science. 95, S27-S49.

Barrutia, J. M., Echebarria, C., Paredes, M. R., Hartmann, P., & Apaolaza, V. (2015). From Rio to Rio+ 20: twenty years of participatory, long term oriented and monitored local planning?. Journal of Cleaner Production106, 594-607.

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Paredes, M. R., Barrutia, J. M., & Echebarria, C. (2014). Resources for value co-creation in e-commerce: a review. Electronic Commerce Research14(2), 111-136.

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