Dr Kevin Mazur

Dr Kevin Mazur

Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow (Nuffield College)
College Email Address: 

Kevin Mazur is a political scientist examining the role of ethnic identity and social structure in creating and contesting political order in the Arab world. His current project focuses on the Syrian uprising and ensuing civil war.

Research and expertise: Syria, contentious politics, ethnicity, sectarianism, state building, kinship

Selected Publications: 

“Eastern Expectations: The Changing Dynamics in Syria’s Tribal Regions” (with Kheder Khaddour), report for Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, March 2017.

“The Un-Exceptional Middle Eastern City” (with Sarah El Kazaz), introduction to guest edited special section of City and Society, 29:1, April 2017.

“Explaining Divergent Revolutionary Coalitions: Regime Strategies and the Structuring of Participation in the Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions” (with Mark Beissinger and Amaney Jamal), Comparative Politics, 48:1, October 2015

“The struggle for Syria’s regions” (with Kheder Khaddour), Middle East Report, Winter 2013.