Morad Moazami

Morad Moazami

Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, St. Antony’s College

Start Date: 2016

Thesis Title: The Politics of Style: Ideology, Fashion, and Popular Culture in Iran from 1965 to 1979

Supervisor: Dr. Homa Katouzian

Selected Publications: 

Moazami, Morad. ‘Tehran, Iran: “Experimental” Electronic Scene (2000–2020)’. In Electronic Cities: Music, Policies and Space in the 21st Century, edited by Sébastien Darchen, Damien Charrieras, and John Willsteed, 261–77. Singapore: Springer, 2021.

Moazami, Morad. ‘Becoming the Beheld: Iran’s Media Ecology and the Question of Superficial Imitation’. Explorations in Media Ecology 18 (2019): 189–212.

Moazami, Morad. ‘Forgive Foucault, Forget Baudrillard: On the Other Side of Power - Toward the Ecstasy of Seduction’. International Journal of Baudrillard Studies 13, no. 2 (2016).
Academic Publications (Persian):

Katouzian, Homa, and Morad Moazami. ‘Gharbzadegi: Mojāhedat-Ha va Masā’eb-e Ān (Weststruckness: Its Trials, and Its Tribulations)’. Translated by Farzaneh Qojlu. Bokhārā, no. 145 (6 August 2021).

Moazami, Morad. ‘Hāmun shāhkār-e mosallam-e mehrju’i ast (Hamoun: Dariush Mehrjui’s Forgotten Masterpiece)’. In Hamoun, by Dariush Mehrjui, 223. translated by Bahar Jahandust, 3rd ed. Nashr-e Bād, 1396.