Naiyerah Kolkailah

Naiyerah Kolkailah

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, St. Antony’s College

Thesis Title: Environmentalism in Qatar: Examining the Influence of Islamic Ethics on Environmental Thought and Practice

Supervisors: Professor Mohammad Talib and Professor Walter Armbrust 

Research Interests: Islamic ethics; environmental ethics; political ecology; environmental governance; religious environmentalism; Islamic environmentalism; socio-environmental justice; climate change; eco-theological views in the Arab Gulf region

Selected Presentations:

“The Qur’anic Botanic Garden: An Example of Islamic Environmentalism in Qatar,” 

Conference Presentation, Christian-Muslim Dialogue on Ecology and Socio-Environmental Justice, University of Oxford, 2022

An Ethical Approach to Designing Gardens Inspired by Qur’anic Narratives,” 

Conference Presentation, Reassembling Creation: Green Ethics and the Scholarly Disciplines in the Islamic Tradition, Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar, 2021

“Deep Environmental Transformations in Gulf Arab States: Past, Present, and Future,” 

Panel presentation with co-panelists Dr. Laurent Lambert and Dr. Said Al-Sarmi, Middle East Institute, Washington D.C., 2021

Forthcoming Publications

An Ethical Approach to Creating Gardens Inspired by Qur’anic Narratives. (2023). Journal of Islamic Ethics.

The Qur’anic Botanic Garden: An Example of Islamic Environmentalism in Qatar. (2023). Religion & Development