Dr Peter Hill

Dr Peter Hill

Junior Research Fellow in Oriental Studies (Christ Church)
Associate Member of Faculty of Oriental Studies
College Email Address: 

Peter Hill is a historian of the Arab world in the long nineteenth century. His current research focusses on Enlightenment themes in the intellectual history of the Levant and Egypt. He holds a DPhil and Masters in Oriental Studies from the University of Oxford; he has lived and studied in Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. He is a co-organiser of the Oxford Nahda Workshop and a member of the Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation research programme.

Research and expertise: Middle Eastern history; Arabic literature; nineteenth-century Arab Nahda; Ottoman Empire; comparative history

Current Teaching: Middle East in the Age of Empire, 1830-1971 (second-year undergraduate History course)

Selected Publications: 

‘Ottoman Despotism and Islamic Constitutionalism in Mehmed Ali’s Egypt’. Past & Present, 237:1 (Nov. 2017), 135–166.

‘The First Arabic Translations of Enlightenment Literature: The Damietta Circle of the 1800s and 1810s’. Intellectual History Review, 24:2 (Summer 2015), 209-233.

‘Early Arabic Translations of English Fiction: The Pilgrim’s Progress and Robinson Crusoe’. Journal of Semitic Studies, 60: 1 (Spring 2015), 177-212.

‘The Arabic Adventures of Télémaque: Trajectory of a Global Enlightenment Text in the Nahda’. Journal of Arabic Literature, forthcoming.

Utopia and Utopian Writing in Arabic.’ Oxford Companion to Thomas More’s Utopia, ed. Cathy Shrank and Phil Withington (Oxford: Oxford University Press), forthcoming.