Newly admitted students

Newly admitted students

This page is for those who have been offered a place at St Antony's College, and contains important information about your next steps as well as links to the New Students' Newsletters sent out over the summer. Congratulations again on being admitted; we look forward to meeting you soon! 

Next steps in the
admissions process


Visas for international
When to arrive
How to get here New Student Registration
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New Students'
Welcome Week

If you have recently accepted your offer from the College, your immediate next steps are to: 

  1. Fulfil the financial conditions by completing your financial declaration and submitting relevant supporting documentation 
  2. Complete and return your accommodation application form, even if you do not wish to apply for accommodation in College

Your Offer Pack has full details about how to complete the forms and the supporting documentation that is required for the financial declaration. The deadline for returning your financial declaration and accommodation application form is Monday 2 July 2018. However, it’s best to complete the Financial Declaration as soon as possible, particularly if you need to apply for a visa to study in the UK. 

Please contact your Department/Faculty for any questions about:

  • Outstanding academic conditions on your offer (e.g. English language tests, transcripts)
  • A CAS number for your visa application (if applicable)
  • Your student contract - this is issued by the Department/Faculty after you have fulfilled any academic conditions and the College's financial declaration
  • Induction activities organised by the Department/Faculty

College accommodation

St Antony’s is able to offer a wide range of accommodation at the heart of the College community, ideally placed for being involved in academic and social events. 

Accommodation includes single rooms (en-suite or with a shared bath/shower room; all have communal kitchen facilities) and a small number of flats (apartments) and studio flats. All accommodation is furnished to a functional standard and includes crockery, cutlery, basic cooking utensils, and access to cookers and refrigerators. 2017/18 rental rates range from £109.48 to £174.65 a week for a single room, and from £282.31 to £444.08 for flats. 

Details about how to apply for College accommodation can be found in your Offer Pack. The main deadline for applying is Monday 2 July 2018. It is possible to apply for College accommodation if you complete your accommodation application form after 3 July 2017, but availability cannot be guaranteed.

You can also find information about Accommodation for new students and Frequently Asked Questions on our website.

Visas for international students

The initial offer letter you received from your department or faculty will have included, where necessary, information about Tier 4 student visa applications. Please note that it is your responsibility to investigate visa options and requirements and make the necessary arrangements to ensure that you arrive in the UK with an appropriate visa. 

If you require a visa to study at Oxford, you can only apply once you have met all the conditions in your University and College offer letters, and once your offer to study becomes unconditional. Submitting the Financial Declaration is an important part of the process of meeting your College conditions. Please note that the evidence you will need to supply for your visa application may be different from the financial information that you use to complete the Financial Declaration form. 

Visa queries must be addressed to your Department/Faculty, or to the University’s Student Information and Advisory Service. The College does not provide support for visa applications or queries.

When to arrive

Once all the conditions of your University and College offers have been met and the offer of your place is confirmed, you should plan to arrive in College on Saturday 29 or Sunday 30 September 2018.

However, you may need to arrive before this date, for example if: 

  • You wish to attend the University's Orientation Programme;
  • You have a pre-sessional course;
  • You are studying for the Master of Public Policy or MBA, both of which start in September.

In these cases, you can apply to move in to College accommodation earlier; please note the date you wish to arrive on your accommodation application form. Please note that the College cannot guarantee availability of rooms before Saturday 29 September 2018, and any room offered to you may not be the same room type/location you are offered from 29 September 2018.

How to get here

Click on the link to find directions to St Antony's College.

Please note that whilst it is possible to park temporarily to unload your belongings when you arrive, permanent car parking in College is not available. We strongly recommend that you do not plan to bring a car with you whilst you are a student at St Antony's College.

New Student Registration and College Induction

Before you come to complete New Student Registration, please ensure that you have completed the first part of your University Registration.

What is New Student Registration?

New Student Registration is a compulsory face-to-face drop-in session in College during which you receive your University card and other key information to get you up and running as a member of the College. 

  • Student visa holders: Bring your passport to be scanned
  • Print your enrolment certificate. This confirms that you are enrolled at the University of Oxford for the current academic year, and is used for police registration if this applies to you.

When can I complete New Student Registration?

New Student Registration will begin on Monday 10 September and run until Friday 5 October 2018. 

Drop-in session times will run from 10.00-12.30 and 14.00-16.00, Monday-Friday, during these dates. Appointments are not necessary; please drop-in at any point during the times noted above. We recommend that students register as soon as possible after their arrival in Oxford. During busier times a queuing system will be in place as you may need to wait to speak with our teams. 

What is College Induction?

College Induction is a compulsory session for all students starting a new course at St Antony's College. It will take place between 5.00pm - 6.30pm on Monday 1st and Wednesday 3rd October, before the College Advisors' Drinks Receptions and Welcome Dinners in Hall. Students will be allocated a date in advance. Please check the Welcome Week timetable from July 2018 for more details.