Welcome Week

Welcome Week

Welcome Week 2018 runs from Monday 1 to Sunday 7 October.

During this week, all new students will be required to attend New Student Registration, a Welcome Induction Evening, and and Welfare & Support induction as well as a departmental or faculty induction. There will also be a range of other activities and events run by the College and the Graduate Common Room (GCR) to help new students get settled and start to find their way around.

The 2018 timetable is available here

King Tat Daniel Fung, DPhil Education student, St Antony's CollegeIf you arrive during Arrival Weekend, look out for our Arrival Assistants. They are current students whose job it is to make you feel welcome and to get you oriented on arrival. Pictured here is King Tat (Daniel) Fung, DPhil Education student, who was an Arrival Assistant in October 2014. Our new students said: "he did an amazing job. He also joined us students for breakfasts and always answered all of our questions. He is part of the reason why I got a very positive impression of the College from the beginning." 

Daniel was inspired to apply for the role because "when I first arrived at the College, I met some very kind students and college staff who guided me through my first few days here. I realized the benefits of having some 'knowledgeable' people, who know the essentials of surviving through the first week in the plethora of information around, to answer new students' questions!"