Law and Politics Seminar Programme

Law and Politics Seminar Programme

Seminars on topics raising issues of political and legal importance.

Chair: Sir Nicholas Stadlen (Alistair Horne Visiting Fellow 2015/2016, Academic Visitor 2016/2017, former English High Court Judge)



Recordings of the first three seminars are available online as podcasts. 

‘Enemies of the people: defending the independence of the Judges. A little too late and a lot too little? Does their independence matter? Is it being adequately defended? If not, what should be done?’

25 April 2017

Speakers: Lord Falconer, former Lord Chancellor under Tony Blair and former member of Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet, Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, Principal of Mansfield College,Oxford and human rights lawyer  and Professor Graham Gee, Professor of Public Law at Sheffield University and co-author of The Politics of Judicial Independence in the UK's Changing Constitution.


'Brexit and the Role of Parliament'

30 November 2016: Panel discussion looking at Brexit and the role the British Parliament has.

Speakers: Lord Falconer (former Labour Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice and former member of Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet), Paul Craig (Professor of Public Law at Oxford University) and Martin Howe QC (Chairman of Lawyers for Britain)


'Conscience and The Rule of Law: Is Breaking The Law Ever Justified?'

29 November 2016: Panel discussion examining the question of whether it is ever justified to break the law.

Speakers: Lord Joel Joffe (Nelson Mandela's Attorney at the Rivonia Trial, sponsor of the first Assisted Dying Bill, former chairman of Oxfam); Sir Sydney Kentridge QC (Defended Nelson Mandela's QC, Bram Fischer, at his trial for sabotage and at the proceedings to remove him from the Roll of Advocates for dishonourable conduct and jumping bail and represented the family of Steve Biko at his inquest); Kate O'Regan (Inaugural Director of the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights, Oxford University, former Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa ).