German Historical Perspectives/ New German Historical Perspectives

German Historical Perspectives/ New German Historical Perspectives

German Historical Perspectives was established in 1987 as an English-language forum for the dissemination of research by German historians and social scientists to readers in English-speaking countries. Each of the volumes (31 to date) is devoted to a particular theme that is discussed from different points of view in separate essays by specialists. The series has taken up issues prominent in contemporary academic debate and of broad topical interest to Germans and non-Germans alike. It is not limited to the problems of Germany alone but also includes publications and individual essays covering the history of other countries as well as general problems of European political, economic, social and intellectual history, international relations, and studies in comparative history.

German Historical Perspectives

  • Klaus J Bade, ed., Population, Labour and Migration in 19th and 20th Century Germany (1987)
  • Peter-Christian Witt, ed., Wealth and Taxation in Central Europe. The History and Sociology of Public Finance (1987)
  • Karl Rohe, ed., Elections, Parties and Political Traditions: Social Foundations of German Parties and Party Systems 1867–1987 (1990)
  • Jürgen Baron von Krüdener, ed., Economic Crisis and Political Collapse
  • The Weimar Republic 1924–1933 (1990)
  • Gregor Schöllgen, ed., Escape into War. The Foreign Policy of Imperial Germany (1990)
  • Dieter Grosser, ed., German Unification. The Unexpected Challenge (1992)
  • Arnulf Baring, ed., Germany’s New Position in Europe. Problems and Perspectives (1994)
  • Clemens Wurm, ed., Western Europe and Germany. The Beginnings of  European Integration 1945–1960 (1995)
  • Klaus-Jürgen Müller, ed., The Military in Politics and Society in France and Germany in the 20th Century (1995)
  • Reiner Pommerin, ed., Culture in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1945–1995 (1996)
  • Reinhard Rürup, ed., The Problem of Revolution in Germany (2000)
  • Margit Szöllösi-Janze, ed., Science in the Third Reich (2001)
  • Hans Mommsen, ed., The Third Reich between Vision and Reality (2001)
  • Christoph Klessmann, ed., The Divided Past. Rewriting Post-war German History (2001)
  • Friedrich Lenger, ed., Towards an Urban Nation. Germany since 1780 (2002)
  • Eduard Mühle, ed., Germany and the European East in the Twentieth Century (2003)
  • Manfred Görtemaker, ed., Britain and Germany in the Twentieth Century (2006)
  • Klaus Schloegel, ed., Germany and Russia (2006)

From 2007, the New German Historical Perspectives series is published by Berghahn Books, Oxford & New York.

New German Historical Perspectives list of publications

  • Manfred Hildermeier, ed., Historical Concepts between Eastern and Western Europe (2007)
  • Ludger Kühnhardt, ed., European Crises 1945–2005. Challenge and Response in European Integration (2008)
  • Jürgen Kocka, The History of Work. German, European and Global Perspectives in the Modern Era (2010)
  • Sylvia Paletschek, ed., Popular Historiographies in the 19th and 20th Centuries (2010)
  • Ingrid Gilcher-Holtey, ed., A Revolution of Perception?  Consequences and Echoes of 1968 (2014)
  • Dieter Gosewinkel, ed., Anti-Liberal Europe: A neglected story of Europeanization (2014)
  • Lutz Raphael, Poverty and Welfare in Modern German History (2016)
  • Simone Lässig and Miriam Rürup, eds., Space and Spatiality in Modern German-Jewish History (2017)
  • Rebekka Habermas, ed., Negotiating the Secular and the Religious in the German Empire (2018)
  • Johannes Paulmann, ed., Humanitarianism and the Media, 1900 to the Present  (2018)
  • Willibald Steinmetz, The Force of Comparison: A New Perspective on Modern European History and the Contemporary World (2019)
  • Martin Geyer, ed., Sites of Modernity, Places of Risk: Risk and Security in German History since the 1970s (2023)
  • Ulrike Weckel, ed., Audiences of Nazism: Using Media in the Third Reich (2023)

Forthcoming volumes:

  • Petra Terhoeven, ed., Representing the World Through Pain?  The Visualisation of Victimhood after 1945 (2025)
  • Martin Schulze Wessel, ed., Political Crisis in Central Europe in the Interwar Period and Today (2025)