Michaelmas Term 2018

Early Modern World Seminar: Chloe Ireton (University College London), Untraceable ideas? Black thought in the early Iberian Atlantic (1500-1640) and the transformation of Iberian empires and epistemologies, 28 November 2018, History Faculty Lecture Theatre.

Latin American Centre and Sub-faculty of Spanish: Round table with María Blanco (Trinity College, Oxford); Ilan Stavans (Amherst College, USA); and Juanita León (La Silla Vacía and St Antony’s College, Oxford), Truth and Fake News in Latin America, 27 November 2018, Latin American Centre.

The Long History of Identity, Ethnicity, and Nationhood: Xosé Manuel Núñez Seixas (University of Santiago de Compostela) ‘Shifting Loyalties? Basque, Catalan and Galician nationalist combatants in the Spanish Civil War (1936-39)', 27 November 2018, Stanford House.

Rothermere American Institute and Sub-faculty of Spanish, Ilan Stavans (Sebring Professor of Humanities and Latin American and Latino Cultures at Amherst College), ‘DU YU ESPIK ENGLISH’?: Latino Culture and Identity in the United States, 26 November 2018.

Politics Research Colloquium, Dulce Manzano (University Complutense of Madrid), ‘Labor Market Preferences during Crisis’, 23 November 2018, Seminar Room A, Manor Road Building. 

Latin American History Seminar: Vera Candiani (University of Princeton), The Commons: Instruments of colonization in the Spanish Empire, 22 November 2018, LAC Seminar Room.

Iberian History Reading Group: Comparing Iberian cities of empire, 21 November 2018, Cohen Quad, Exeter College.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Luis González Fernández (University of Toulouse), Sleeping with the enemy: the question of incubus and succubus demons in Spanish Drama, Ground Floor Lecture Room 1, 47 Wellington Sq, 20 November 2018.

Book Launch: Joanna Innes and Mark Philp (eds.), Re-Imagining Democracy in the Mediterranean, 1780-1860, 19 November 2018, Somerville College.

Oxford Chinese Studies Society: Noemi de Haro-García (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), 'Global Maoism, art and dissidence in Spain during the Transition',  16 November 2018, Lecture Theatre, China Centre.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Gayle Rogers (University of Pittsburgh), The epistemology of retranslation. Returning Hemingway to Spanish, 15 November 2018, Danson Room, Trinity College.

Applied Linguistics Seminar: Marina Arcos (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Ernesto Macaro (University of Oxford), Laura Molway (University of Oxford): Language Teachers' First and Second Language Use: A Comparative Contextualiesd Study (England and Spain) 14 November 2018, Department of Education, Seminar Rooms G/H.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: DPhil Candidates Joint Session: Hannie Lawlor: ‘(Auto)biographical Archetypes? Reworking Relationality in Contemporary Women's Life-Writing’ and Laura González Salmerón: ‘The Poetics of Science in Contemporary Spanish Fiction’, 13 November 2018, Kloppenburg Room, Cohen Quad, Exeter College.

Magdalen Iberian Medieval Studies Seminar (MIMSS), Courtly Scholasticism in the Crown of Aragon, 9 November 2018, Magdalen College.

  • Opening Remarks (María Morrás, University of Oxford & MIMSS).
  • Sadurní Martí (ILCC, Universitat de Girona), ‘Troubadour Clerics’.
  • Miriam Cabré (ILCC, Universitat de Girona), ‘Learning and Laughter in Late Troubadour Culture’.
  • Ann Giletti (Faculty of Theology and Religion, University of Oxford), ‘Poetry and Reason: Scholasticism in a Medieval Poem’.

Iberian History Reading Group: Iberian monarchies in transition, 7 November 2018, Cohen Quad, Exeter College (Maddicott Room).

TORCH Network on Diplomacy in the Early Modern Period (1400-1800): Professor Emerita Mía J. Rodríguez-Salgado (London School of Economics), Iberian-Habsburg diplomatic relations with Muslim powers in the sixteenth century, 6 November 2018, Habbabuk Room, Jesus College.

Oxford Art History Research Seminars: T. J. Clark (Berkeley), Aesop, Velazquez and War, 24 October 2018, History Faculty.

Iberian History Reading Group: Visualizing difference in the Spanish world, 24 October 2018, Cohen Quad, Exeter College (Kloppenburg Room).

Early Modern World Seminar: Cecilia Tarruell (Oriel College), Heroes or villains? Runway Christian captives and slaves in the early modern Mediterranean, 24 October 2018, History Faculty Lecture Theatre.

The Global History in the Long Nineteenth Century Seminar: Graciela Iglesias-Rogers (Winchester), Entangled History: the Hispanic-Anglosphere Project (concepts, methods and public engagement), 24 October 2018, Oriel College.

ESC Core Seminar Series: Dr Konstantinos Kornetis (Santander Fellow, European Studies Centre, St Antony’s, Oxford), Projections Onto the Past: Remembering Democratisation in Spain and Portugal23 October 2018, Seminar Room, European Studies Centre.

Latin American History Seminar: Karen Racine (University of Guelph, Canada Mock), Monarchy: Latin American royal exiles in London and their effect on British constitutional debates, 18 October 2018, LAC Seminar Room. 

Jonathan Thacker gives gave his Inaugural Lecture as the King Alfonso XIII Professor of Spanish Studies on October 16th, 2018. The title of his lecture was ‘The World as Stage in Spain’s Golden Age’.

Latin American History Seminar: Eduardo Zimmermann (Universidad de San Andrés), The Inaugural/Joint Seminar with the Universidad de San Andrés, Democracy and Liberalism in Argentina, 1810-1860, 11 October 2018, LAC Seminar Room. 

Trinity Term 2018

Sub-faculty of Spanish, XVIII Forum for Iberian Studies : Fictitous Realities, Real Fictions20-21 June, Taylor Institution, 9 a.m. start-time.

Latin American History Seminar: Álvaro Caso Bello (Johns Hopkins University), The representation of Spanish American interests at the Imperial Court in the age of the Bourbon reforms, c. 1750-1808. 17 May 2018, LAC Seminar Room.

Latin American History Seminar: Matthew Restall (Pennsylvania State University), Challenging the imperial narrative: the Spanish-Aztec encounter. 21 May 2018, LAC Seminar Room.

Latin American History Seminar: Rebeca J. Scott (University of Michigan), presentation of paper co-authored with Carlos Venegas, Luisa Coleta and the Capuchin friar: Slavery, salvation, and the adjuction of status (Havana, 1817)31 May 2018, LAC Seminar Room.

Blavatnik School of Government Lunctime Roundtable Talk: Alan Patten (Princeton) and Yuli Tamir (Shenkar College), Catalonia, Scotland, Brexit and beyond: the morality of nationalism and secession, 11 May, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter. 

Latin American History Seminar: Gonzalo Capellán (University of La Rioja), Reimagining the people: Lamennais and his influence in Spain and Latin America (1838-1870), 9 May 2018, LAC Seminar Room.

Latin American Centre Seminar: Cristina Blanco Sío-López​ (Santander Visiting Fellow, St Antony’s College), Substantial solidarity bridges? A historical analysis of Spain’s role in the consolidation of a EU — Latin America partnership, 2 May 2018, LAC Seminar Room. 

Hilary Term 2018

Oxford Cervantes Forum: Alfredo Pérez de Armiñán (President of Spanish National Heritage) and Carole Souter (Master of St Cross College, Oxford), Art, heritage and conservation: A cross-cultural conversation, 23 March 2018, St Cross College at 5 p.m. Event organized together with St Cross College, Spanish Studies at Oxford, and Instituto Cervantes - London. 

European Studies Centre Visiting Fellows Series: Cristina Blanco Sio-Lopez (Santander Fellow, St Antony’s College), Navigating Schengen: Spain and the historical building of the EU's free movement of persons from 1985, 9 March 2018, ESC Seminar Room.

Politics Research Colloquium: Pablo Fernández-Vázquez (Juan March - Carlos III Institute), Accountability from within: Politically insulated bureaucrats and incumbent rent-seeking, 9 March 2018, Seminar Room A, Manor Road Building.

Latin American History Seminar: Manuel Lucena Giraldo (Spanish National Research Council/IE University, Spain), The botanist of the king: Pehr Löfling and the royal botanical expedition of New Granada during the eighteenth century, 8 March 2018,  LAC Seminar Room.

Latin American History Seminar: Giuseppe Marcocci (Exeter College), Spanish American conversations about the Portuguese Empire (16th and 17 centuries), 1 March 2018,  LAC Seminar Room.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Jorge Catalá-Carrasco (Newcastle University), Vanguardia, crisis y humorismo gráfico en España y Cuba, 27 February 2018, Room 2, Taylor Institution.

Blanco-White Series, Inaugural Address: Marina Pérez de Arcos (Oxford University) and Eva Pérez Díaz, Madrid-London, 1940s. Culture, diplomacy and espionage, 27 February 2018, Queen Sofía Library, Cervantes Institute-London. Event organized together with the British-Spanish Society and Spanish Studies at Oxford.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Ariadna Pujol (documentary filmmaker) will screen her film Aguaviva followed by a Q&A session, 22 February 2018, Massey Room, Balliol College.

Latin American Centre Seminar: Carlos Malamud (Real Instituto Elcano, Spain,  Maryhen Jimenez (LAC), Oswaldo Amaral (State University of Campinas), Carlos Pérez-Ricart (LAC). Electoral Year in Latin America - Roundtable Discussion. Joint seminar with the Spanish Real Instituto Elcano. 16 February 2018, LAC Seminar Room.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Juan José Pastor Comín (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha), Música callada del Siglo de Oro: Cervantes, 13 February 2018, Room 2, Taylor Institution.

Modern European History Postgraduate Seminar: Angela Flynn (New College), Dissidence and punishment in Republican Madrid 1936-1939, 13 February 2018, Seminar Room, Magdalen College.

A Spaniard in Oxfordshire: The archive of Arturo and Ilsa Barea at the Weston Library on 8 February at 6 p.m. A production of the Instituto Cervantes and IC Communication, with the collaboration of the Bodleian Library and Spanish Studies at Oxford.

Early Modern Britain Seminar: Ernesto Oyarbide Magaña (Wolfson College), Procuring “local knowledge”. The library of the first Count of Gondomar in the context of his diplomacy, 8 February 2018, The Breakfast Room, Merton College.

Europaeum Research Workshop: Cristina Blanco Sio-Lopez (Santander Visiting Fellow, St Antony’s College), Consensus Building Challenges in Spain's Democratisation and Europeanisation, 7 February 2018, The Boardroom, New Building, St Antony’s College.

American History Research Seminar: Emma Rothschild (Harvard University), Sir John Elliott Annual Lecture in Atlantic History, The Atlantic in the Interior, 6 February 2018, Rothermere American Institute.

Modern European History Postgraduate Seminar: Sonia Cuesta Maniar (St Antony's), Becoming ‘modern?’: Sexual dissidence and social punishment under developmentalist Francoism, 30 January 2018, Seminar Room, Magdalen College.

International History of East Asia Seminar: Ruth de Llobet-Franch (Universitat Pompeu Fabra-GRIMSE), Co-opting Empire: The Chinese 'mestizo' community in Manila, 1770-1820, 22 January 2018, Lucina Ho Semianr Room, Oxford China Centre.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Jeremy Lawrance (University of Nottingham), Architecture in Baroque Literature, 16 January 2018, Room 2, Taylor Institution.

Michaelmas Term 2017

Latin American History Seminar: Angel Smith (University of Leeds and St. Antony’s College), The "Black Legend" and the "Orientalisation" of Spain: The impact on the discourse and practice of Cuban, Catalan and Basque nationalism, 1850-1914, 30 November 2017.

Latin American History Seminar: Alejandra Irigoin (LSE), Representation without taxation, taxation without consent: the legacy of Spanish colonialism to Latin America, 23 November 2017, LAC Seminar Room.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Teresa Morell Moll (University of Alicante), Valencians to New York: a forgotten diaspora, 21 November 2017, Ground Floor, Lecture Room 1, 47 Wellington Square.

The Madariaga Series: Catalan Independence: An Oxonian debate, 20 November 2017, Magdalen College Auditorium.

Early Modern World Seminar: Adrianna Catena (Warwick University), New materials, old conflicts: The craft of dyeing in 16th-century Spain, 15 Nov. 2017, Faculty of History.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Mila López-Peláez Casellas (Coventry University), Quixotic encounters and tales from the US semiospheric border: 19th century Latina writers who faced the Colossus of the North, 14 November 2017, Room 2, Taylor Institution.

Latin American History Seminar: Graciela Iglesias-Rogers (University of Winchester), Entangled History: The Hispanic-Anglosphere (late 18th - early 20th centuries)9 November 2017, LAC Seminar Room.

The Global Thinkers of the International Discussion Series: Rolando de la Guardia Wald (University of Winchester), Jeptha Duncan, 8 November 2017, Sybil Dodds Room, St Cross College.

Latin American History Seminar: Jeremy Adelman (Princeton University), Where is Latin American history going?2 November 2017, LAC Seminar Room.

The Global Thinkers of the International Discussion Series: Annabel Brett (University of Cambridge), Francisco de Vitoria on IR, 1 November 2017, Sybil Dodds Room, St Cross College. 

Latin American Centre Seminar: Jeremy Adelman (Princeton University), Is there a global history of humanitarianism?31 October 2017, Nissan Lecture Theatre, St Antony's College.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Susana Pastor Cesteros (University of Alicante), El hispanismo en el siglo XXI: perspectivas actuales y retos inmediatos, 31 October 2017, Room 2, Taylor Institution.

The Global Thinkers of the International Discussion Series: Louise Fawcett (University of Oxford), Andrés Bello on IR, 25 October 2017, Sybil Dodds Room, St Cross College.

Latin American History Seminar: Hilda Sábato (CONICET/ University of Buenos Aires), The Republican experiment in nineteenth-century Latin America, 19 October 2017,  LAC Seminar Room.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Jonathan Bradbury (University of Exeter), ‘¡Dime de aquel cabrón, suave Musa!’ A re-discovered verse libel from the Spongia/Expostulatio Spongiæ polemic (1617-1619), 17 October 2017, Room 2, Taylor Institution.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar in conjuction witht the Latin American Centre: Iván Jaksic (Stanford University),  The London Notebooks of Andrés Bello, 1814-1820, 13 October 2017, Room 2, Taylor Institution.

Latin American History Seminar: Ivan Jaksić (Stanford University), Lessons from Empire: The First Hispanists in the United States, 1820-1880, 12 October 2017, LAC Seminar Room.

Trinity Term 2017

Politics Research Colloquium, Marc Debus (University of Mannheim), ‘Economic hardship and policy emphases in election campaigns: Evidence from nine European countries’, 12 June 2017, Seminar Room A, Manor Road Building.

Galician Contemporary Opera Premiere O Arame ('The Tightrope'), by Galician composer Juan Durán and the well-known Galician dramatist and actor Manuel Lourenzo, is a one-act opera sung in Galician (with English surtitles projected on the wall). Jointly organised by The John Rutherford Centre for Galician Studies of the University of Oxford and XOGA (Galician Youth Opera), The Grove Auditorium, Magdalen College, Oxford, 10 June 2017. 

Latin American History Seminar: Mark Petersen, (University of Dallas), Cultural pan-Americanism and negotiated hegemony​ in early twentieth-century inter-American relations, 8 June 2017,  LAC Seminar Room.

International Migration Institute Seminar Series: María Gutiérrez Portilla (University of Cantabria, IMI Visiting Fellow), What drives migration outflows of foreign populations from Spain? Evidence from the Great Recession, 7 June 2017, Seminar Room 1, Queen Elizabeth House. 

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Rebecca Beattie (DPhil candidate, University of Oxford), On the road to modernity: The emergence of intra-subjectivity in the earlier works of Baltasar Gracián, 6 June 2017, Taylor Institution.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Annabel Rowntree (DPhil candidate, University of Oxford), Philip III, privanza and the comedia in the first years of the seventeenth century. 6 June 2017, Taylor Institution.

Early Modern Catholicism Seminar: Harald Braun (University of Liverpool), Fear, massacre and pre-emptive strike in the early modern Iberian world. 6 June 2017, Wolfson College, Seminar Room 3.

Khalili Research Centre Seminars. The Archaeology and Material Culture of the Medieval Islamic West: Antonio Almagro Gorbea (Granada, CSIC), New (graphic) documents for the study of Almoravid and Almohad architecture. 6 June 2017, 3 St John St., KRC Lecture Room.

Advisory Council on Latin American and Iberian Information Resources Seminar 2017, Translation Studies Seminar, 5 June 2017, Weston Library. Speakers include Jennifer Arnold (Birmingham University), Tom Boll (UEA) and Richard Mansell (Exeter University). The event ended with a translation ‘slam’, moderated by Peter Bush. Literary translators Rosalind Harvey and Sophie Hughes each argued for their versions of a chosen extract from Mónica Ojeda’s Nefando (Candaya, 2016).

Magdalen Iberian Medieval Studies Seminar (MIMSS), Colloquium on Hispanic Texts and Manuscripts. 2 June 2017, Oscar Wilde Room, Magdalen College. Speakers include:

  • Barry Taylor (The British Library), Manuscript annotations in printed Refraneros.
  • Nuria Aranda García (Universidad de Zaragoza), Los 'Siete sabios de Roma', ¿de Hurus a Cromberger?
  • Thomas Earle (Oxford), Steps towards a new edition of Rui de Pina, 'Crónica de D. Afonso V'
  • David Hook (Oxford), MIMSS Manuscript Movements Reports: An Update

Khalili Research Centre Seminars. The Archaeology and Material Culture of the Medieval Islamic West: Chloe Duckworth (Newcastle University), Glassmaking in Umayyad and post-Umayyad al-Andalus​30 May 2017, 3 St John St., KRC Lecture Room.

Khalili Research Centre Seminars. The Archaeology and Material Culture of the Medieval Islamic West: María Teresa Casal García (Madrid, CSIC), Life beyond the medina of Cordoba: districts (rabad) and cemeteries (maqābir)30 May 2017, 3 St John St., KRC Lecture Room.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Diana Cullell Teixidor (University of Liverpool), Luis García Montero’s poetry: literature with a purpose, or the destabilization of a carefully orchestrated plan? 30 May 2017, Taylor Institution.

Santander Conference, César Colino (Santander Visiting Fellow, St Antony’s College) co-sponsored with the European Studies Centre, Gwilym Centre for Public Policy, Nuffield College, the Centre for Constitutional Change, the Forum of Federations and the Elcano Institute, Madrid, Responses to secessionism in advanced democracies: accommodation instruments, institutional design and the politics of federal reforms 25-26 May 2017, ESC. Participants include: Alain Gagnon (Université du Québec à Montréal), Arthur Benz (TU Darmstadt), François Rocher (University of Ottawa), Nicola McEwen (University of Edinburgh), Iain McLean (Nuffield College), Matt Qvortrup (University of Coventry), Jason Sorens (Darsmouth College, USA), James Ker-Lindsay (LSE), Karlo Basta (Memorial University of Newfoundland). 

Centre for the History of Childhood Seminar: Peter Anderson (Leeds University), Child removal in early twentieth century Spain. 24 May 2017, Magdalen College, Daubeny Laboratory.

Khalili Research Centre Seminars. The Archaeology and Material Culture of the Medieval Islamic West: Jonathan Bloom (Boston College), Writing a new history of Western Islamic architecture. 23 May 2017, 3 St John St., KRC Lecture Room.

Latin American History Seminar: Geneviève Verdo (University of Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne),  How to get rid of one's capital? Ties and relationships between the provinces of the Rio de la Plata and Buenos Aires (1810-1826). 18 May 2017, LAC Seminar Room. 

Latin American History Seminar: Anthony MacFarlane (University of Warwick), From federalism to centralism: Political projects in New Granada, 1809-182118 May 2017, LAC Seminar Room. 

Khalili Research Centre Seminars. The Archaeology and Material Culture of the Medieval Islamic West: Tom Nickson (London, Courtauld Institute), Light and lighting in al-Andalus16 May 2017, 3 St John St., KRC Lecture Room.

European Studies Centre (ESC) Santander Roundtable Series on "Spanish democracy at forty": César Colino (Santander Visiting Fellow, St Antony’s College) with the support of Agenda Pública and The Madariaga Series, What is happening in Catalonia? Is Spain Doomed? 9 May 2017, ESC. With Montserrat Guibernau (University of Cambridge), Thomas Jeffrey Miley (University of Cambridge), Ignacio Molina (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), Andrew Dowling (Cardiff University) and Sergi Pardo (Merton College).

Medieval History Seminar: Robin Whelan (University of Oxford), Ethnicity, Christianity, and groups: Rethinking homoian Christianity in Ostrogothic Italy and Visigothic Spain. 8 May 2017, All Souls.

Students' Spanish Society with the support of the Society of Spanish Researchers in the United Kingdom, Gemma Contreras (Valencian Insitute of Restoration and Conservation),  The restoration of Sorolla’s sketches of “Visiones de España”. 8 May 2017, Corpus Christi.

Oxford University Archaeological Society Seminar: John Collis (University of Sheffield), The Origin (or not) of the Celts, from southern Germany to Iberia, 8 May 2017, Rewley House.

Session of Magdalen Iberian Medieval Studies Seminar (MIMSS): Amaia Arizaleta (Université de Toulouse-Jean Jaurès), Communities of learning and Clerical literature in Castile (c. 1200)
. 5 May 2017
, Oscar Wilde Room, Magdalen College.

The Madariaga Series: Jaime Mayor Oreja, On peace processes: Spain, Colombia and beyond. 5 May 2017, Magdalen College.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Edwin Williamson (University of Oxford), Borges and the Muse (with some thoughts on literary biography). 2 May 2017, The FitzHugh Auditorium, Exeter College.

European Studies Centre (ESC) Santander Roundtable Series on "Spanish democracy at forty": César Colino (Santander Visiting Fellow, St Antony’s College) with the support of Agenda Pública and The Madariaga Series, Whither the Left in Spain. 2 May 2017, ESC.

  • Panel 1: The predicaments of the Socialist Party and the future of social democracy in Spain and Europe with Josep Borrell (Complutense University), Paul Kennedy (University of Bath), Jonathan Hopkin (LSE), Patrick Diamond (Queen Mary University, London), Paola Mattei (St Antony’s College).
  • Panel 2:  Podemos: Theory and praxis of populist politics in Spain and in comparative perspective with Richard Gillespie (University of Liverpool), Luis Ramiro (University of Leicester), Pau Mari-Klose (University of Zaragoza), Othon Anastasakis and Lamprini Rori (St Antony’s College)

Romance Linguistics Seminar: Tadej Pahor (University of Oxford), The semantics of pre- and post-nominal adjectives in Romance: a diachronic study. 27 April 2017, 47 Wellington Square.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Emilio Martínez Mata (Universidad de Oviedo), El Quijote en el nacimiento de la novela moderna: la interpretación satírica. 25 April 2017, Taylor Institution.


Hilary Term 2017

Ramon Llull Institute and the Magdalen Iberian Medieval Studies Seminar (MIMSS): Laura Delbrugge (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), The «Gamaliel’s» progression from devotional manuscript to banned incunable: A case study of the confluence of Spanish printing, popular devotional practices, and inquisitorial prohibition in the sixteenth century. 17 March 2017, Oscar Wilde Room, Magdalen College.

Latin American History Seminar jointly organized with the Rothermere American Institute: Neil Foley (Dedman College, Southern Methodist University), Anti-immigration politics, the rise of Latinos and the crisis of national identity in the United States: A contemporary history from the 1980s. 9 March 2017, Rothermere American Institute. 

Visiting Academics’ Seminar Series at the European Studies Centre: César Colino (2016-2017 Santander Visiting Fellow, St Antony’s College), The secessionist challenge in Catalonia: political and constitutional responses. 7 March 2017, European Studies Centre.

Graduate Students' Madariaga Series: Post-Brexit Europe and the future of Globalization. José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, former president of Spain (2004-2011). 2 March 2017, Magdalen College.

The Oxford Union: Artur Mas, former president of Catalonia. 1 March 2017 at the Oxford Union. 

The John Rutherford Centre for Galician Studies and the Sub-faculty of Spanish with the support of the Ramon Llull Institute Talk: Xulio Carballo Dopico, From the fight against dictatorship to the economic crisis: 45 years of Galician comic. 27 February 2017, Wellington Square.

Graduate Students' Madariaga Series: Professor Sir John Elliott (University of Oxford), Scotland and Catalonia: Past and present. 23 February 2017, Magdalen College.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Carlos Alvar Ezquerra (Université de Genève/ Universidad de Alcalá de Henares), ‘Cervantes y el Persiles’. 14 February 2017, Taylor Institution.  

Graduate Students' Madariaga Series: The rise of Podemos and the betrayal of Liberalism. Juan Carlos Monedero, co-founder of Podemos. 13 February 2017, Magdalen College.

History Faculty, Seminar in Early Modern Intellectual History: Theodor Dunkelgrün (Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities –CRASSH, Cambridge), ‘Two concepts of purity: limpieza de sangre and hebraica veritas in Renaissance Spain.’ 13 February 2017, Taylor Institution.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Jorge Catalá-Carrasco (Newcastle University), Graphic 'Humorismo; and avant-garde aesthetics in Spain and Cuba. 7 February 2017, Taylor Institution. 

The Annual Latin American Centre-Centro de Estudios de Historia Política, CEHIP, Adolfo Ibáñez University Seminar: Susana Gazmuri (CEHIP, Adolfo Ibáñez University), Camillus Bernardo O’Higgins and the Republican Dictatorship, 1818-23. 26 January 2017, LAC Seminar Room. 

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: John Rutherford (University of Oxford), Turning Spanish sonnets into English sonnets: Borges, 'El remordimiento' and Antonio Machado, 'Los sueños dialogados, II'. 24 January 2017, Taylor Institution.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Santiago Fernández Mosquera (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela), ‘La ordenación del espacio escénico en una fiesta mitológica de Calderón: Los tres mayores prodigios.’ 17 January 2017, Taylor Institution.


Michaelmas Term 2016

Department of Politics and International Relations, Politics Research Colloquium: Alexander Kuo (University of Oxford), Voting for new parties during economic crises: Evidence from Spain's Podemos. 28 November 2016, Manor Road Building.

Graduate Students' Madariaga Series: Impact of climate change policies on the European energy industry. Juan Alario, former Director at the European Investment Bank. 24 November 2016. 

NowNow Theatre presents the English-language world premiere of Tirso de Molina’s Jealous of Herself in association with the ETC. 22-26 November 2016, O'Reilly Theatre.

South Asian Political Thought Discussion Group: Amina Yaqin (SOAS), Bridge-building or Muslim separatism: The cultural contexts of Muhammad Iqbal’s Masjid-e Qurtaba (The mosque of Cordoba) and Al-Andalus. 14 Nov. 2016, Manor Road Building.

Graduate Students' Madariaga Series: UK and Spain: Building a bilateral relationship for post-Brexit Europe. Simon Manley, UK Ambassador to Spain. 2 November 2016.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Rocío Díaz Bravo (University College London), ‘La mímesis de la lengua hablada en el Retrato de la Loçana andaluza.’ 31 October 2016, Main Hall, Taylor Institution.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Colin Thompson (University of Oxford), ‘Philosophy in the guise of scatology: what happened when Alexander met Diogenes, according to Quevedo’s romance En el retrete del mosto.’ 11 October 2016, Room 2, Taylor Institution.


Trinity Term 2016

Interdisciplinary Dialogue Series jointly organized by the Latin American History Seminar and the Spanish Sub-faculty Research Seminar: Gerard Aching (University of Cornell), At the threshold between slavery and freedom: A slave’s predicament (Juan Francisco Manzano and Tomás Gutiérrez ​Alea). 14 June 2016.

Latin American History Lecture jointly organized by the Global History Centre, the Rothermere American Institute and the Latin American Centre: Jose Moya (University of Columbia), The New World: Eurocentric label or valid historical category? 9 June 2016.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Elisabeth Bolorinos (Trinity College, University of Oxford), 'La traza mora y judía de España:’ Urban spaces, hybrid identities, and the medieval Iberian past in narratives of the colonial campaigns in Morocco.' 31 May 2016.

Latin American History Seminar: Jorge Cañizares (University of Texas, Austin), The Spanish Monarchy and the sons of Noah: The Bible and the Early-Modern Global History of race and purity of blood. 24 May 2016.

Santander Visiting Fellow's Conference: Model Transitions? Rethinking the “success story” of Southern European democratization. Speakers include: Laurence Whitehead (Nuffield), Julio Crespo MacLennan (Cervantes Institute, London), Antonio Costa Pinto (ICS, Lisbon), Tom Buchanan (Kellogg, Oxford), and Othon Anastasakis (St. Antony’s, Oxford). Organizer: Maria Elena Cavallaro, 2015 – 2016 Santander Visiting Fellow at St Antony’s. 18 May 2016, European Studies Centre. 

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Eduardo Tasis Moratinos (University of Central Lancashire), ‘Microrrelato: una hipótesis sobre su éxito actual’. 17 May 2016, Taylor Institution.

Basque Visiting Fellow's Conference: Intellectuals and the Limits of the Neoliberal State in Globalisation (Migration, Terrorism, Populism). Convenor: Joseba Gabilondo, Basque Visiting Fellow 2015–2016. 10 May 2016, European Studies Centre.

Sub-Faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Tomás Albaladejo (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), ‘Retórica, oratoria y literatura en la Edad de Oro española: discursos reales, discursos ficcionales’. 26 April 2016, Taylor Institution.


Hilary Term 2015

Latin American History Seminar jointly organized with the Rothermere American Institute: Carrie Gibson, Migrants, monuments, and the emergence of a Hispanic History of the United States, 1900–1940. 3 March 2016.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Jonathan Bradbury (Christ Church, Oxford), An experiment in culteranismo, an exercise in regret: Manuel de Faria e Sousa’s ‘No ha visto copia igual, dulce de amores’ (1621). 1 March 2016, Taylor Institution.

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Tyler Fisher (UCL) and María Ruiz Ortiz (Universidad de Córdoba), ‘Concepts of attention span in Golden Age Spain and some literary implications’. 23 February 2016, Taylor Institution.

Graduate Students' Madariaga Series: Latin America and Europe: Hopes and challenges for a common future. Rebeca Grynspan, Ibero-American Secretary General. 22 February 2016. 

Oxford Spanish Play: Luces de bohemia [Bohemian Lights] play-reading. With an introduction by Dr. Laura Lonsdale. 15 February 2016, The Queen's College.

Visiting Academics’ Seminar Series at the European Studies Centre:  Maria Elena Cavallaro (2015-2016 Santander Visiting Fellow, St Antony's), Socialists in the Iberian Transitions to Democracy: Clues of an Unexpected Success Story. 9 February 2016.

Graduate Students' Madariaga Series: Shall we dance? A time for pacts in Spanish politics. Raphael Minder, International New York Times correspondent to Spain and Portugal. 4 February 2016. 

Oxford Spanish Play: El juez de los divorcios [The Divorce Court Judge] play-reading to mark the 400th anniversary of Cervantes' death. 3 February 2016 at the Taylor Institution.

Graduate Students' Madariaga Series: Two laboratory experiments on trust and institutions – inspired in Spain. Antonio Cabrales, professor of Economics at UCL. 11 February 2016. 

Sub-faculty of Spanish: Cervantes-Shakespeare 400th Anniversary Symposium. 28–29 January 2016: 

Sub-faculty of Spanish, Research Seminar: Paloma García-Bellido (St Cross College, Oxford), ‘Exploring the neuro-genetic basis of language in Spanish’. 19 January 2016, Taylor Institution.

St Antony's College: A Memorial Seminar in Honour of Sir Raymond Carr. Speakers included: Margaret MacMillan, Malcolm Deas, María Jesús González, Juan Pablo Fusi, and Sebastian Balfour. 27 November 2015, Nissan Lecture Theatre.

Sub-faculty of Spanish and the Cervantes Institute London: IV Foro Cervantes. Javier Cercas. 20 May 2015, The Taylor Institution.


Earlier events:

Visit of Queen Sofía of Spain to Exeter College to celebrate the 700th Anniversary of its foundation (29 April 2014). Colloquium in Her Majesty’s honour at the Taylor Institution, Oxford: ‘Celebrating Research and Teaching in Spanish Studies at Exeter College and the University of Oxford’, which was inaugurated by the Vice-Chancellor of the University.

Seminar at the Taylor Institution, Oxford, on the history and current projects of the Real Academia Española/Royal Spanish Academy to mark the 300th Anniversary of its foundation. The event was inaugurated by the Vice-Chancellor of Oxford and Prof. Shearer West, Head of Humanities. Speakers included the Director of the Real Academia Española, Prof. José Manuel Blecua, and Fellows, Profs. Inés Fernández Ordóñez and José Antonio Pascual. The Ambassador of Spain opened an exhibition of historic publications of the RAE held in Oxford libraries, curated by Dr J.C. Conde. 11 November 2013, Main Theatre, Taylor Institution.

Annual Conference of the Association of Great Britain and Ireland, Oxford, 25-27 March 2013, including a colloquium of British cervantistas to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Cervantes’s Exemplary Novels. 

Ramon Llull Institute and the Magdalen Iberian Medieval Studies Seminar (MIMSS): Celebrating Ramon Llull in Oxford. Ramon Llull’s life and work 700 years after his death. 25 November 2016