Recent Publications:

Cristina Blanco Sío-López, Inner tensions vs. outer change: Political agency impact on cohesion funds implementation in Spain in the context of the Maastricht Treaty’, Journal of European Integration History (JEIH), Special Issue 2017-vol.23, 'European funding: on the way to a new research agenda for European Integration History'.  263-280.

Cristina Blanco Sío-López, 'Designing scenarios on inclusive globalisation: Europe 2020 and the social dimension of EU’s external policy' in Javier Ramos and Esther del Campo (eds.), Austerity and the Implementation of the Europe 2020 Strategy in Spain. Re-shaping the European Productive and Social Model: A Reflexion from the South (Brussels: PIE-Peter Lang, 2017).

Cristina Blanco Sío-López, 'Unveiling covectors. Correlating migration and EC enlargement in the case of Spain', Journal of European Integration History (JEIH), 2017 Special Issue: Peoples and Borders. Seventy Years of Movement of Persons in Europe, to Europe, from Europe (1945-2015)

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Forthcoming Publications:

Eduardo Posada-Carbó and Andrew Robertson (eds.) Oxford Handbook of Revolutionary Elections in the Americas, 1800-1910. Forthcoming with OUP (2018). 

Laura Lonsdale, Multilingualism and Modernity: Barbarisms in Spanish and American Literature. Forthcoming with Palgrave Macmillan (2017).

Antonio Benítez-Burraco,  Bases biológicas del lenguaje (Madrid: Síntesis). In press.

Antonio Benítez-Burraco and Lluís Barceló-Coblijn, El origen del lenguaje (Madrid: Síntesis).  In press.