Almanac – The Oxford Middle East Podcast

Almanac – The Oxford Middle East Podcast

Almanac is a student-run initiative at the University of Oxford. Every two weeks, a number of students sit down for an in-depth discussion about the region which has made history for thousands of years and continues to make headlines today.

08 Sep 2020 Episode #1 

Normalization, annexation, and the Palestinians.

Piotr Schulkes, Frederike Brockhoven, and Michael Memari discuss the impact of the normalization of the UAE-Israeli relationship on Netanyahu’s annexation plan, why it's yet more bad news for Palestinians, and American reticence to improve the situation. 

21 Sep 2020 Episode #2

The Kafala System. 

Hajar Meddah, Felix Walker and Piotr Schulkes discuss the Middle East’s controversial Kafala system, that allows employers to exploit workers and undermine their rights without breaking the law. They cover the history of the practice, the successes and failures of activism against it, and what the Kafala system’s future might look like.  

29 Sept 2020 Episode #3

Female Entrepreneurship in the Middle East.

Frederike Brockhoven sits down with Rania Ayman of Entreprenelle, Yasmeen Mjalli of Babyfist, and Lina Khalifeh of Shefighter to discuss female entrepreneurship in the Middle East. They cover their journey, the challenges they face, and challenge the norms of how women and their work are discussed.




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