Programme on Modern Poland

Programme on Modern Poland

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The last twenty five years have seen dramatic political, socio-economic and cultural changes in Poland. The country constitutes a major site of study with its peaceful revolution and exit from communism, entrenchment of democracy, rapid economic growth, and integration with global institutions and the European Union. Poland’s increasing role in the region and Europe testifies to the unprecedented success of its transformation. The Programme on Modern Poland (POMP), St Antony’s College and the University of Oxford are strongly committed to researching, studying and analysing the evolution of a former communist country and its interactions with the outside world. The Programme’s presence within the European Studies Centre ensures that the study of Poland is removed from the traditional Cold War, Soviet and Slavic oriented approaches, and undertaken in comparative, interdisciplinary and transnational perspective with other European countries, regions, institutions and developments. 

The launching of the POMP has recently attracted a number of DPhil applications to several departments of the University of Oxford. Prospective graduate students who seek to study Polish-related themes include historians, sociologists, political scientists, anthropologists and art scholars from the UK, Poland and elsewhere. Numerous young scholars have already indicated a strong interest in pursuing their research projects under the auspices of the POMP. The Programme also continues to draw close attention among Polish academics, politicians, NGOs, and mass media.

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