Sudanese Programme

Sudanese Programme

The Sudanese Programme is sponsored by the Middle East Centre and the African Studies Centre

With the advent of independence for Southern Sudan, the name of the Sudan Programme has been changed to the Sudanese Programme.

The Sudanese Programme aims to be a neutral forum to promote dialogue and understanding between all Sudanese through conferences and lectures dealing with present day issues and problems.

The original inspiration of the programme was to enable dialogue, especially about the peace process, between Northern and Southern Sudanese.

The programme has followed the progress of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement reached between the Sudan Government and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army on the 9th January 2005.

In addition to the peace process the programme also covers cultural, social and other political issues facing the Sudanese.

Since its establishment, St Antony's College has had, and continues to have, close links with Africa and the Middle East through the Middle East Centre and African Studies Centre. Many Sudanese, past and present, have come to the College as postgraduate students, Senior Associated Members and as visitors.


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