Past Events

Stella Gaitano, Sara Hamza Aljack, Najat Idris Ismail Adam and Najlaa Osman Mohammed
10 June 2017
Sudanese Seminar Series
Professor Munzoul Assal (Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, University of Khartoum), Mr. Bona Malwal (Co-Founder of the Sudanese Programme), Professor Bukhari Al-Ja’ali (Professor of International Law, Al-Nilein University, Khartoum, Republic of Sudan), Dr Richard King (Chief Executive, Concordis International, International Dispute Resolution Centre, London), Mr. Wek Mamer Kuol (M.P., National Legislative Assembly and Deputy Chairman of the Joint Border Commission, Republic of South Sudan)
18 February 2017
Please see the conference programme.
19 November 2016
The Sudanese Programme [Sponsored by the Middle East Centre and African Studies Centre]
13 February 2016
African Studies Seminar
21 February 2015
Sudanese Seminar Series
Dr Richard Barltrop (International Alert, London, and Author of 'Darfur and the International Community (2010)'), Mr Faisal Elbagir (Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Green Templeton College, Oxford)
04 February 2011
Sudanese Seminar Series
Dr Philip Roessler (Andrew Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow in Comparative Government, Department of Politics and International Relations & St. Peter’s College, Oxford University)
26 November 2008