Visiting Parliamentary Fellows, Past and Present

Visiting Parliamentary Fellows, Past and Present


1994-1995:  Mr Patrick Cormack MP and Mr Giles Radice MP
1995-1996:  Ms Emma Nicholson MP and Dr Calum MacDonald MP 
1996-1997:  Ms Janet Anderson MP and Mr Edward Garnier QC MP 
1997-1998:  Mr Robert Jackson MP and Dr Phyllis Starkey MP 
1998-1999:  Mr Tony Baldry MP and Dr Denis MacShane MP 
1999-2000:  Mr Donald Anderson MP and Dr Jenny Tonge MP 
2000-2001:  Mr Mark Fisher MP and the Rt Hon. Gillian Shephard PC MP
2001-2002:  Mr Keith Simpson MP and Dr Tony Wright MP 
2002-2003:  Mr Alan Duncan MP and Mr Gordon Marsden MP 
2003-2004:  Mr Michael Moore MP and the Rt Hon. Ann Taylor PC MP
2004-2005:  Rt Hon. Sir Brian Mawhinney PC MP and Mr Martin O'Neill MP 
2005-2006:  Mr James Gray MP and Mr Tony Lloyd MP 
2006-2007:  Rt Hon. Charles Kennedy MP and Rt Hon. Paul Murphy MP 
2007-2008:  Baroness Quin and Mr Ian Taylor MP
2008-2009:  Ms Gisela Stuart MP and Mr John Horam MP
2009-2010:  The Rt Hon the Lord Trimble and Baroness Falkner of Margrave
2010-2011:  Lord Carlile of Berriew and Lord Eatwell
2011-2012:  Ms Nicola Blackwood MP and Ms Lisa Nandy MP
2012-2013:  The Rt Hon the Lord Steel of Aikwood and the Rt Hon the Baroness Symons
2013-2014:  The Rt Hon the Lord Browne of Ladyton and Baroness Bonham-Carter of Yarnbury
2014-2015:  Lord Inglewood of Hutton in the Forest and Baroness Andrews of Southover
2015-2016:  Lord Lipsey of Tooting Bec and Lord Cooper of Windrush

2016-2017:  Baroness Rock of Stratton and Lord Collins of Highbury

2017-2018:  Baroness Finn and Lord Mendelsohn

2018-2019:  Lord Bridges of Headley and Lord Wood of Anfield