St Antony’s College and Covid-19

St Antony’s College and Covid-19

For the latest coronavirus advice please visit the University of Oxford COVID-19 update page. Further guidance specific to the College is below.


This page was last updated on: 28 April 2021


St Antony’s College during COVID-19

St Antony's College Road Map - Trinity Term 2021

What to do if you develop COVID-19 symptoms 

What to do if someone in your household develops COVID-19 symptoms

Travel to the UK and Quarantining

College Accommodation

College Facilities: What’s Open?

Lateral Flow Tests: FAQs



St Antony’s College during COVID-19

Current Government Guidelines: Step 2 of the Roadmap out of Lockdown

England is currently in step 2 of the Roadmap out of National Lockdown.

The government has published a COVID-19 Response - Spring 2021 (Summary). Further information can be found on the Univeristy Coronavirus pages under the section: Local Restrictions

Both St Antony’s College and the wider University will continue to monitor and review the latest UK laws and guidance relating to COVID-19 and how this affects the services we provide. We will always try and communicate this as soon as we can (via this page, emails, and newsletters), however, to ensure you are up to date with the latest University response please consult the University of Oxford COVID-19 update page.

St Antony's College Road Map Trinity Term 2021

Below is the College's Road Map which parallels the Government's four-stage 'Roadmap out of Lockdown' for England. Please be aware that this Road Map is subject to changes in Government legislation. 

From 29 March (TT Week -3)

UK Government:

  • 6 people / 2 households can meet outdoors
  • Organised outdoor sport can resume
  • 'Stay at home' rule ends, but people should continue to work from home if they can


  • Food collections available for all College members (on and offsite)
  • College members based off-site permitted to return for lunches/bookable meeting spaces
  • Staff and fellows to continue to request to work on site
  • Outdoor space available for student use

From 12 April (TT Week -1)

UK Government

  • Non-essential retail opens
  • Indoor leisure facilities open for use by people alone or in household groups
  • Outdoor attractions open
  • Outdoor hospitality opens for food and/or drink
  • Self-contained accommodation opens


  • Seating resumes in main hall (lunch only). Tables bookable per household
  • Cleaning public areas in student households resumes (kitchen, bathrooms and communal areas only)
  • Maintenance team can attend non-emergency requests
  • College gym opens (subject to Bronze confirmation)

From 17 May (TT Week 4)

UK Government

  • Most legal restrictions lift on meeting outdoors
  • 6 people / 2 households can meet indoors


  • Formal halls permitted (seated by households only). Dates and details TBC
  • All bookable spaces reserved as study spaces and exam spaces for all current students
  • Computer Room reopens for students in College residence, observing rules of use (booking required)

From 21 June (TT Week 9)

UK Government

  • Remaining businesses open
  • COVID measures continue to apply - 'hands, face, space' and meeting outdoors where possible/ensuring good ventilation.


  • Garden Party for all College members
  • Hall opens for seated lunch and dinner service (first come, first served - no booking)
  • Hall remains open until summer closure (TBC: 16 Aug 2021)
  • Libraries and archives reopen to external readers

*Again, please be aware that all the above is subject to changes in Government legislation.*

Lateral Flow Tests for students: 

  • If you are a student looking for information about Lateral Flow Testing, please go to and refer to the College's Lateral Flow Tests FAQs below.
  • You do not need to book a test via the Early Alert Service (EAS). However, when taking Lateral Flow Tests you should immediately record the result of each test as soon as it is visible. This should be done via the result reporting section of the EAS form.
  • All students can collect a Lateral Flow Test from the Porters Lodge – regardless of whether you have just arrived or have been in College for a longer period of time. See further information about Lateral Flow Tests below.

We urge you to keep following the advice:

  • Keep your distance. Stay at least 2 metres apart – or 1 metre with a face covering or other precautions.
  • Wash your hands. And keeping washing your hands regularly. If you can’t wash your hands there are multiple anti-bacterial dispensers found around the college. 
  • Wear a face covering. All students and staff are required to wear a face covering in shared indoor spaces. As a member of the college you are entitled to two washable face coverings which are available from the lodge. Please wear a mask whenever you leave your household/room.
  • Get a test if you have symptoms. If you have any of the primary symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, persistent cough, loss of taste or smell), visit the University’s Testing Service (SSO required) to book a test and consult this flowchart for the process you need to follow.
  • Do not mix households – this includes using entrances to other staircases and houses as a short cut to your room.
  • Do not invite people into your household who do not live with you, even if they are college members. This includes life partners – if they do not live with you, they cannot enter the building.
  • When using College space (The Dining Hall, Computer room, Laundry room or College Library) follow the rules.
  • Minimise outside contact with other people from different households: Currently you may meet people outside under the rule of 6 / 2 households. If you decide to do so, stay local and keep your distance – and ideally wear a face covering throughout.

We ask that everyone respect and follow the rules to ensure everyone’s safety. Please be aware that government guidelines may change as the situation evolves and hence that we may need to adapt our practices over time. The health and safety of all our students and staff will continue to be a top priority while trying to continue with business as (almost) usual.

If you are using the NHS COVID-19 Mobile App you can check-in using the St Antony’s College QR codes found around the College grounds.


What to do if you develop COVID-19 symptoms

From first symptoms to your test, please consult this flowchart for the process you need to follow.

The main symptoms of coronavirus are:

  • New, continuous cough
  • high temperature
  • loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

If you have any of these symptoms…

  1. You should continue to self-isolate at home and book a test as soon as possible.
  2. If you are staying with others and you develop symptoms, the whole household that you are staying with will need to self-isolate immediately.
  3. Please contact to report any symptoms or other COVID-related issues as soon as possible.
  4. Stay in your room and minimise contact within your household until you have the test results. Do not have any contact with anyone from outside your household.

Current self-isolation period: The standard duration for self-isolation is 10 full days, whatever the reason. The 10 days are now counted from the day after the relevant event. For example, if someone develops symptoms on 14 Dec [Day 0], they must self-isolate for the rest of that day + all of the following 10 days [15 Dec to 23:59 on 24 Dec] and then come out of self isolation on Day 11 [25 Dec]. 


What to do if someone in your household develops COVID-19 Symptoms

  1. They should self-isolate at home and book a test as soon as possible. If they are a member of the University, they can use the University’s Early Alert Service to book a test. If they are not a member of the University, they should book a free COVID-19 NHS test.
  2. Your household will need to self-isolate immediately.
  3. Please contact to report any symptoms or other COVID-related issues as soon as possible.


Travel to the UK and Quarantining


Please note the guidance below ONLY applies if you have to self-isolate due to travel without Covid-19 symptoms. 

Following UK Government guidance, if you are coming to the UK from overseas, you will need to isolate for the first 10 days after arrival unless you are travelling from one of the countries exempt from these rules. The full list of countries exempt from quarantine rules is regularly updated. 

If your journey involves a transit stop in a country not on the list, you will need to self-isolate when you arrive in England. If new passengers get on the transport you are on, or if you or other passengers get off and mix with other people, and then rejoin you must also self-isolate.

The rest of your household do not need to stay at home unless they have travelled with you or also travelled from overseas in similar circumstances. This means that, once you have isolated as required, you can resume normal business and others will isolate individually as required.

UK Government Test and Release Scheme: pay for a COVID-19 test to find out if you can reduce your self-isolation period after arrival in England. Find out more by going to the Test to Release for International Travel scheme page on the government website.

For further information about Lateral Flow Testing please see our FAQs section: LFT: Travel Quarantine and International Students.


College Accommodation


The Housekeeping team have left boxes of cleaning products in your kitchen and the Scouts will stock these up as needed. The box contains: sponges, microfibre cloths, bathroom cleaner, toilet cleaner, glass cleaner, furniture polish and Ant Viral cleaner spray. Each box is placed in the kitchen and 6 Students need to share. Toilet paper and bin bags for bedrooms and kitchens can be found in each corridor in the cleaning cupboards which are unlocked. Every kitchen has washing up liquid, hand soap, and paper towels for you to use. In shared communal areas (bath/shower rooms & toilets) hand soap will be supplied. If you should run out of any items please email:  

As long as there are no cases of Covid-19 within your household, the Scouts will continue to clean all common areas. They will not clean your bedroom. This is to protect the health and safety of our staff. Please also note that your kitchen will be closed for one hour in the morning to allow for it to be cleaned.

All bins will be emptied by the Scouts. If you wish to have your own bin emptied, please leave your bin bags outside your door – the Scouts will dispose of these for you while you remain in self-isolation.


Please report any maintenance issues using the maintenance request form found on the St Antony’s Website.

Deliveries, post and parcels

If you are self-isolating, please wait until your self-isolation period is over before collecting any items from the Lodge. If your delivery is urgent and cannot wait, please contact the St Antony’s Lodge

Washing Machines

Students can use the washing machines and are asked to do so sensibly, only using it one student at a time.

Leaving your room

Students who are self-isolating due to travel and have no symptoms may leave their room for essential matters. This includes using the washing machines and receiving essential deliveries. If you feel you need to leave your room for any other reason including to access the college grounds, you must avoid speaking to other students and staff outside your household, wear a face covering, and socially distance.


College Facilities: What’s Open?


Dining Hall and Food Deliveries

Hall will be open to students living in College only.

  • Food Parcels for those isolating in college can now be ordered directly from the Chef and his team using this Food Parcel Request Form. Please note all orders must be placed by 12 noon the working day before you would like the food parcel.
  • Hot Food Deliveries for lunch and dinner for those isolating in college can also be booked using this Hot Food Delivery request form. Please note all orders must be placed by 12 noon the working day before you would like the hot food delivery.
  • The Weekly College Hall Menu will be updated every Thursday for the following week. Please note there is no hot food on Sundays, and on Saturdays only brunch is available.
  • External food deliveries are permitted to those living in college but it is the students’ responsibility to coordinate collection and/or delivery of the food. The college will not accept or deliver any takeaways. DO NOT ORDER AN EXTERNAL TAKEAWAY IF YOU HAVE COVID-19 SYMPTOMS.
  • Offsite food deliveries and takeaway services recommendations can be found on the much used Daily Info. Another website with food recommendations is Bitten Oxford which currently has a list of local businesses offering delivery/takeaway services


Other College Facilities and Offices

Rooms suitable for use as study spaces are being identified and will be allocated to households on a bookable basis. The Domestic Bursary Team will be in touch once the provision is up and running.

Lateral Flow Tests: FAQs

What are Lateral Flow Tests (LFT)?

Lateral Flow Testing is not to be confused with the University’s in-house COVID-19 testing service (Early Alert Service):

The Univeristy Early Alert Sevice for COVID-19: now open to all staff and students of the University and colleges, providing rapid access to free testing for those with coronavirus symptoms. These tests are the same tests used by the NHS free testing service and are also sometime referred to as a laboratory-based PCR tests. You should only book one of these tests if you have symptoms. Colds, flu, and coronavirus can have similar symptoms; this BBC article may be useful in understanding the difference

The Lateral Flow Tests (LFT): is a test that produces results in a much shorter time than a PCR test. Individuals swab their nose and throat to collect a sample, and then insert it into a tube of liquid for a short time. LFTs have already been validated and undergone clinical testing. If LFTs are able to detect enough people with the virus before they get symptoms, they could help prevent the spread of COVID-19. These Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs) are being offered by St Antony's College as part of a University-wide programme. Read more about the University's Lateral Flow Testing trial.

Should I take a test?

All students are strongly advised to take the tests. This includes postgraduate research students. You should take them even if you have recently received a negative COVID-19 test result. All current and returning students are welcome to collect a Lateral Flow Test from the Porters Lodge – regardless whether you have just arrived or have been in College throughout the break. For further information, please visit the University page on Hilary Term testing.

How do I book and collect my test kit?

Previously, you would need to book a slot to collect your kit. However, you can now collect a LFT kits at any time from St Antony's College Porters' Lodge. 

I've collected my LFT kit, now what?

You should enrol in the Canvas COVID-19 Lateral Flow Training Course. This will guide you through the process of how to take the test. There are a total of three Lateral Flow Tests: two need to be taken, three days apart. The third is provided in case of a void result. When you take your test and have your result, you must upload your results

What is included in the LFT kit?

Your test kit should contain: 3 test cartridges, 3 swabs, a small bottle of buffer solution and a test tube with nozzle.

How do I dispose of my test safely?

Use the sealed plastic bag the kit came in to put your used tests in, and then dispose in a bin with a liner.

My test is positive; what do I do?

If your test comes back positive, you must do the following:

  1.  Book a laboratory-based PCR test via the Early Alert Service.
  2.  Inform the College of your test result by emailing: 
  3.  Self-isolate for 10 days from the date on which your Lateral Flow Test (LFT) tested positive.

When do I take each test?

Your LFT will include three tests to be taken at different stages. The first test day is day 0, take the second test on day 3 and the third (if applicable) on day 10.

Do I need to self-isolate between tests?

No, as long as the test results are negative. If you are positive, see the FAQ above. 

How to use the LFT kit?

If you would like refresher guidance or you haven’t taken a test before and need to follow the guidance from the beginning you should consult the Canvas COVID Lateral Flow Training course. If you have further queries, please contact:

I've received my result, how do I register it?

You must register your test result using the Early Alert Service form. Further guidance can be found via the online LFT Canvas course, once enrolled. .

Do I have to take a test?

The tests are voluntary. If you decide not to take a test, please return the test kit to the Lodge.


LFTs: Travel Quarantine and International Students

Test and Release

The Lateral Flow Test (LFT) does not qualify as a test that can release you from quarantine. You will need to book and pay for a private PCR test. For further information, please visit the UK government website page about Test to Release for International Travel.

Can I get out of travel quarantine early if I take the LFT?

No. If you are an international student, you can take the LFT but it won’t let you out of any travel quarantine periods early.

I need to take a PCR test to get out of travel quarantine on day 5. Should I  take a LFT as well?

The benefit of taking a LFT on day 0 and day 3 would be if you test positive on the LFT, you know there is no point booking and paying for a PCR test on day 5 of your quarantine. If you test negative you know booking and paying for a PCR test to release you from quarantine early would be worthwhile.

If you have further questions or you need to inform us of your test results, your college contact is: 



UPDATE: a degree ceremony is planned for 7 August 2021 for those wishing to graduate in absentia only.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the University has taken the decision to postpone any degree ceremonies that were due to take place in 2020 and and up to August 2021. With the ongoing uncertainty over when large scale gatherings will be permitted to resume, planning for future ceremonies is paused, until such time that a clear decision can be made.

Graduating in absentia

If you wish to receive your degree certificate and cannot wait to attend a ceremony in person, you will need to book to graduate in absentia. Please be warned that this means that you will be unable to attend a ceremony in person in the future. All students with single sign on accounts now have the ability to book to have their degrees conferred in absentia via Student Self-Service. If you have difficulties, or you cannot access your account, please contact the Senior Registry Administrator to make a booking on your behalf.

Booking to attend a future ceremony

If you would prefer to wait to graduate in person at a future ceremony, there is no action required from you at this time as the Degree Conferrals Office will contact you in due course once the Government allows large scale gatherings to resume. You cannot currently book to attend a ceremony in person. Please be aware that the timeline of future ceremonies is not yet confirmed, and will depend on a range of factors, including the ongoing situation with the pandemic.

If you completed your course after June 2020, you should have continued access to your SSO account for 23 months after the expiry date of your University card. This is so that in the future you can book your graduation ceremony in SITS/eVision. Please ensure that you keep your contact details up to date (i.e. your email address and correspondence address) so that you can receive an invitation to book a place on a ceremony in due course. If you no longer have access to your Self Service account to update your information, please email the new details to the Senior Registry Administrator who is keeping a record to pass on to the Degree Conferrals Office at the appropriate time.

Evidence of your degree

If you have passed your examinations and are waiting to have your degree conferred at a degree ceremony, you can request a digital degree confirmation letter free of charge. The letter will confirm that you have successfully completed your course at the University of Oxford, the dates of attendance and the classification you received.  The University’s e-documents Service enables you to share the dDCL with others such as future employers online.  You can find out more from the  Digital Degree Conferral Letters user guide and can order a dDCL from the University’s online shop (you do not need to enter any payment details). Research students: please see the University’s Degree certificates and letters information for clarification on submitting your thesis before requesting a dDCL.

For further information please see the University’s information on Graduation & leaving Oxford or contact the Senior Registry Administrator.


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